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Why Working Out Must Be On Your Work Calendar

work out with friends

You know you should be getting regular exercise. But knowing you should and making that workout happen are two entirely different things, aren’t they? The problem is that exercise doesn’t seem like a very urgent task or even something where we get immediate benefits. It’s easy to skip a day at the gym or not to get out for a walk that evening. Nothing bad happens, nothing changes, and as a result, we let it slip another day and another.

Before long, our exercise plans have flown out the door, and we’ve fallen back into our old habits. That’s exactly why exercise should be part of your work calendar or schedule. Make it an important task that needs to be done to ensure that you’re growing your business. Think of it as one more thing that needs to go on your to-do list.

When you make the time for it and put it on the schedule, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting it done. I recommend you schedule your workout as one of the first things you do in the morning. Not only does it get done, but it also energizes you and gets you ready for your busy day.

Also, you may want to consider scheduling something active for after lunch. A quick walk through the park or even a little time for a short yoga session is a great way to prevent the afternoon slump and keep you at peak performance for the rest of the afternoon.

As a bonus, you’ll sleep better after getting in some exercise which in turn helps you be more productive the following day. In the long run, regular exercise helps you stay in shape, avoid illness, and even keep you from getting the dreaded back pain that long hours behind the desk usually cause. All in all, planning your workouts and making them part of your work schedule is just good business practice.

Start with something you enjoy and put it on the schedule. If possible, make it a group activity or find a workout buddy. When you know other people are waiting on you and relying on you, you’re more likely to stick to the new workout schedule. After a little while, getting regular exercise will become part of a new healthy habit. Give it a try and see for yourself how much better it will make you feel and how much more energy you have to grow your business.

work out with friends


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