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What’s Hot in Health Supplements?

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Over 50% of the global population uses dietary supplements to improve the quality of their life. People want to lose weight, they want to feel energized and overcome vitamin deficiencies, and they can achieve all those goals by taking health supplements.

Why are people so motivated to take pills in order to stay healthy? Why don’t they turn to healthy foods instead? Believe it or not, vitamin supplements are in trend. A to Z nutrients such as multi-vitamins are an industry worth billions, not to mention that the weight-loss pill market is revolutionizing the world with their wonder products meant to get people back in shape in a matter of weeks.

Who needs supplements?

To some extent, we all need supplements. However, they’re not meant to replace daily food because it’s impossible for a tablet, pill, or capsule, to replicate the benefits and nutrients we take from whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.

Millions of people around the world take dietary supplements and vitamins in the hopes of attaining good health, defy aging, and prevent illnesses. Over the past 10 years the supplementation industry exploded and increasingly more products are available without a prescription. Considering that the ease of use has grown, so have the sales.

Why do we need to take health supplements?

First of all, we don’t need to take health supplements; yet, we do it anyway because it’s a lot simpler to take a pill than eat healthy. In some other cases, supplementation is crucial and we’re talking here about vitamin deficiencies, pregnant women who need folic acid, people who want stronger hair & nails, rejuvenated skin, and so on. Supplement use is closely related to the health and lifestyle choice of every individual. Most adults turn to supplementation without knowing if their bodies need that nutrient, vitamins, mineral, or not.

How do I choose a good-quality health supplement?

What’s missing from your diet? What does your body need to look and feel healthy? Avoid miracle supplements advertised on TV because they’re useless. The best way to make a good choice is to consult with a nutritionist or a dietician. Bio-available, top-quality multi-vitamins that are lab-tested and reasonably priced are your best choice.

With the recent weight loss pills invading the market and triggering controversy, a lot of people have started to look at supplements in a whole different way. A simple visit to the closest drug store or whole foods store will make you feel overwhelmed with the variety. Surprisingly, there are supplements with proven results on the human body, and as long as they’re taken in recommended doses by a specialist, you can only expect positive results.

HCA for example, has managed to achieve a lot of recognition in the last couple of years. Also known as Hydroxycitric acid, it’s actually a salt derived from the peel of a dried fruit found in Garcinia Cambodia and bridal berry in various locations of Southeast Asia. HCA was used to treat stomach problems and joint pain, and today we can find it in numerous grocery and drug stores.

Big names in the industry like Bio-Max 3000, Citrin, Garcinia Trim-Pulse are others, are no longer a mystery. HCA supplements are backed up by solid research and specialists in the industry have managed to prove the efficiency of the compound as an appetite suppressor. Furthermore, it also reduces fat absorption, lowers LDL cholesterol, and boosts fat metabolism.

Calcium and bone health

Most people take supplements for two main reasons: to boost their overall wellbeing and lose weight. Yet, there’s a third reason and it’s a pretty important one: calcium intake for stronger bones. The compound is the key to building new bone as calcium deficits lead to painful bone problems after a certain age.

Because the body doesn’t produce calcium, the amount we include in your system depends on the food we eat. However, if that food doesn’t include dairy products and additional sources of natural calcium, it will start to fall apart.

Health supplements are not meant to replace food; they’re aimed at filling the gaps. It’s literally impossible for an individual to take all his vitamins and minerals from nature. Sometimes, an artificial boost might be required. Although weight-loss pills and wonder vitamins are in trend right now because they’re overly marketed on TV, it’s not the best way to get them.

Only an expert in the domain can tell you exactly what your body needs, so rather than pay a lot of money on pills that can do more harm than good, you might want to ask for professional advice first.

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