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What Is Arnica Good For? Being An Athlete I Love Benefits #1 And #2!

What Is Arnica Good For?

Yes indeed, what is Arnica good for? Well, there are several ways to use it, but it is commonly applied to the skin, where its properties is proven to:

  1. lessen inflammation.
  2. relieve pain for aches brought on by bruises, rashes, sprains or arthritis.
  3. Aside from that, it is also known to be effective when battling:
    • insect bites.
    • mouth sores.
    • dry lips.
    • pimples.

This yellow daisy-look-alike flower is even known to have benefits to the immune system. Athletes knows about its benefits and are sometimes using commercialized Arnica gel preparations whenever they experience bruising or body pains during when training or competing.

Ok, What Is Arnica Good For Is Answered. Now Some Dry Facts About Arnica:

Arnica is a Genus herb that is known to come from the family of Sunflowers. The flower is also called “Leopard’s bane” or “mountain tobacco”. Its name is derived from a Greek word “arna” which means lamb, as a resemblance to the plant’s hairy and soft leaves.

You will recognize an Arnica plant because of its entrenched, upright stem that you would usually find unbranched. The leaves resemble an oval shape growing on the opposite of each other running down to the height of the stem. Flowers would appear in bright yellow and as already mentioned; it has a daisy-like appearance, but the Arnica plant differs from the daisy in its pine-sage like smell.

What Are Its Nutritional Content And Value?

Boring for some, interesting for others, let’s look at the content of Arnica:

  • flavones.
  • phenolic acid.
  • triterpenoids
  • flavonols.
  • and essential oil containing:
    • thymol
    • polysaccharides
    • azulene
    • thymolmethylether
    • and the anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene lactone helanalin.

Arnica Supplements Available In Amazon?

There are several supplements made from the Arnica plant that can be found in Amazon. Aside from the Arnica gel, you can also get Arnica patches, Arnica tea and Arnica pills – all available on Amazon.

Below you’ll see some examples of various Arnica supplements that helps soothe muscle pains and other conditions as described in the beginning of the post. Ok, I hope this post has answered the question; “what is Arnica good for”… If not, I’m preparing some more posts here. ;)

Photo by Frank Vassen | Creative Commons


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