Are Weight Gain Pills Really The Right Option For You? Learn How To Gain Weight The Right Way…

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Weight gain pills are quite the contradiction in todays weight loss centered society. But for some people it’s a highly needed supplement…

Some take them out of desire to get more muscle mass. I get that, becoming fitter, stronger and bigger usually demands respect – which many young men desperately seek to get.

Some take them in order to get curvier. Women, usually the younger ones, want those curves and take weight gain pills in hopes that it will help them get it.

Some take them out of sheer need, because of various medical conditions that demand them to put on weight.

No matter what reason you have for researching the topic, I want you to have the real truth about gaining weight and if one of the best ones on the market, CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix, is the best answer for you.

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Underweight athletes in particular find the concept of weight gain pills intriguing, and if that’s you, I highly recommend that you pay close attention right now.

You see, an ideal bodyweight is part of the equation that defines your optimal strength and endurance performance. It’s a very determining factor for what your body is capable of. Athletes who carries too little muscle mass often underperform compared to their competitors.

The True And Naked Story About Weight Gain Pills

Granted, there are millions struggling under the burden of being overweight or obese; still there are millions more seeking to put on weight. Teenagers, skinny men and women, and people who have had their appetites compromised with sickness. They all need the kind of boost that helps stimulate hunger, as well as to improve their body’s response to nutrition in the food.

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Personal changes that symbolizes success are often celebrated, like for instance losing or gaining weight to improve your appearance. Your goal might not be to go from being the skinny guy on the beach, to stand on the stage in a bodybuilder contest. But with the right weight gain pill, it just might be your time to celebrate your own success!

how to gain weight fast

Most people with problems gaining weight often find supplements helpful. The weight gain pills called CB-1 Weight Gainer can cancel out your constant imbalance of weight, but there are other options that also work well and are easily available in the market. We’ll take a closer look at some of them in this post.

Take note that I’m not just piling on another review to all the other CB-1 Weight Gainer reviews that you can find online. No, this article is meant to help you sift and sort through what’s available in the market, and also help you answer the question if taking weight gain pills is right for you.

Before we begin, I’d like to press upon the fact that supplements are just that. Supplements! I don’t care how effective your chosen weight gain supplement is: You also need to consume the right type of food to be gaining weight effectively and safe!

What Other CB-1 Weight Gainer Reviews Don’t Tell You…

Just as there are a myriad of options on tablets for weight gaining, concerns regarding the safety of these options are just as varied. CB-1 Weight Gainer comes out as safe and natural weight gain pills, made from fully tested ingredients. It’s packaged with a complete weight gain program, a specific guide to what you need to succeed in gaining weight.

Thus, the CB-1 formula is not only safe to consume, but regardless of what the users particular weight gain situations might be, it’s also very easy to apply.

Yup, the CB-1 Weight Gainer is a natural remedy meant for individuals who due to either weak appetites or fast metabolism have a hard time putting on weight. This also includes you who are involved either in amateur and competitive sporting activities.

The CB-1 weight gain pills are made exclusively from a blend of:

  • natural herbs.
  • minerals.
  • vitamins.

The manufactures ensures that only natural ingredients make the cut. Harmful ingredients and drugs are therefore not included and this makes the pills all safe and natural. To me, as a superfood nutritionist, that is very important. It also really pleases me that they have the ingredients extracted and tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the CB-1 contents are very pure and potent.

All of this is a formula for a good product, and it explains why there are so many happy users of the CB-1 weight gain pill. Yup, these weight gain pills are well received by its users, and it’s common to see them do CB-1 Weight Gainer reviews like this:

How Does CB-1 Weight Gainer Work?

To help you gain weight, the pills work in two main specific ways:

  1. they stimulate your appetite.
  2. and they slow down your metabolism.

The CB-1 weight gain pills work closely with your body’s gastronomic enzymes, Leptin and Peptide YY, as well as it has a positive interaction with your insulin. The pills kinda influences the message that the enzymes send to your brain when you are eating.

Its special combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals, are tricking the enzymes into thinking you are still hungry when you already are full. So, the effect of the CB-1 Weight Gainer it that it actually allows you to eat more. Not only can it enable you to eat more, but it can also increase the frequency of your meals as well.

End-result? Well, you obviously get to take in more calories, thus you get to gain the desperately needed extra pounds that give your body weight a boost. Combined with a proper training regime, like Freeletics that I’ve come to love, you can gain a good amount of lean muscle mass.

These Pills Can Also Help Recalibrate Your Metabolism

Fast metabolism can be a villain partly responsible for why some are underweight. This means that your body is quick at burning the calories you take in. Yes, people who are underweight might suffer from fast metabolism, though it’s not the main reason for their weight problems. The biggest villain is always a lack of ability to eat proper food in big enough amounts.

cb-1 weight gainer reviews

To gain weight or sustain an optimal body weight, you actually need to have the calories from your food stored in the body. Yes, your body must deposit the calories in a way that sustains weight gain. The weight gain pills effectively stabilizes your fast metabolic rate, thus reducing the rate at which your body wastes calories as heat.

Sounds smart, doesn’t it? Well, it’s merely an effect coming from the special blend of natural herbs in the CB-1. It’s just acting as a stabilizer, helping your body find your optimal BMR (short for basal metabolic rate).

I’ve no problem in telling people who are looking for weight gain pills that work, that they can find comfort in CB-1 Weight Gainer. Tests clearly show that they rate among the best options of reducing the effects that come with your body wasting calories, a process referred to as thermogenesis. They are as well among the best to increase your appetite, so to me because of their natural herbal content, CB-1 Weight Gainer is the #1 option in the marketplace.

Where Do You Buy CB-1 Weight Gainer?

CB-1 Weight Gainer pills are available from their homepage, including the special offers and discounts attached to this product. Customers wishing to make purchases can do so by filling the secure order form on their site. The secure order form allows a you to order an entire month’s supply, usually a bottle with 90 weight gain pills.

The package comes with the free weight gain guidebook as well as an express enrollment in the CB-1 Weight Gainer success program. This means that purchasers have access to tools that will help evaluate the efficacy of the pills they take.

I love the Amazon store at much as you do, but CB-1 Weight Gainer is not listed on Amazon. Their weight gain pills are exclusively sold on the official CB-1 webpage for a very good reason. Supragenix (who are the brand behind CB-1) wants to control the entire buying process, because of the complete package you get as a customer. Remember, along with the weight gain pills, you also get enrolled into their success program!

How To Use CB-1 Weight Gainer For Maximum Effect…

Keep in mind that you get a complete guide on how to use CB-1 Weight Gainer when you buy it. But, a short rundown of its recommended use, is that you take the weight gain pills between 30 minutes and one hour before a meal. You may be advised to take 2 capsules at once.

The flavorless gelatin capsule is easy to swallow, but if you want, you can pull apart the capsule and dissolve the powder in your beverages. It has mild tea-like flavor and dissolves easily. So, consuming the CB-1 should not present a problem. Clearly, products like these are not create for kids, but by design, it’s safe to use by almost everyone; children who can swallow included.

Competing Weight Gain Pills Available In The Market

weight gain pills

There are several other weight gain pills and remedies available in the marketplace. However, the majority of these are made almost exclusively for competing athletes in need of lean muscle mass.

Weight Gain For Athletes

These weight gain pills go by trade names like:

  • Bodybuilding Weight Gainer DROL Capsules
  • Bodybuilding Weight Gainer Supplement Capsules for before and after workout
  • Dabol-Muscle Mass Gainer Capsules
  • Athlete Weight Gainer Post Workout Recovery D-Bollic Capsules
  • Muscle Mass weight gaining Pills for athletes who demand the winning combination of mass, strength and power.

Weight Gain For Non-Athletics

Other weight gain pills that work and made with non-athletes in mind include:

  • Planet Ayurveda Weight Gain Formula
  • Major Curves Butt Enhancement or Enlargement Capsules
  • Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix
  • Super Strength Ectoplan Diet Supplement-Weight Gainer Pills

The composition of these pills makes them suitable for non-athletic weight gain needs, like those stemming from medical situations. They are also meant for women looking to gain a few pounds in areas that will make them curvier and feel more attractive. A popular option on the Amazon store is the Major Curves Butt Enhancement pills, but all the pills mentioned above are from good brands and can all be easily bought from the Amazon online store.

Traditional Herbs Used In Weight Gain Remedies

Aside from the previously discussed products, you can also turn to some of the most trusted herbal remedies for gaining weight. Mother Nature is a great pharmacist and have been making herbs for ages that initiate and sustain weight gain. All these herbs can be used either separately or as ingredients of an herbal weight gain concoctions. The most potent herbs you should look into include:

  • chamomile.
  • marijuana.
  • and blessed thistle.

Chamomile works best to ease anxiety. But, it does also benefit those who are looking to gain weight because of its capacity as a mild appetite stimulant. Medical marijuana on the other hand is now considered the most effective natural method for jump starting a stagnating appetite. Blessed thistle is used for both appetite stimulation and for helping in digestive distress situations. Most weight gain pills that work now have any of these herbs in varying proportions.

cb-1 weight gainer review

Just like CB-1 Weight Gainer, blessed thistle is also sold online. Amazon lists more than 10 blessed thistle products, mostly capsules and hundred other concoctions with the herb as an active ingredient. Chamomile extracts too are available as capsules, tablets and free liquid extracts. There are other pills and capsules that include chamomile as an active ingredient.

These herbal based pills are made with the same goal in mind, to give you health benefits like Mother Nature intended you to have from the beginning. This includes the herb based formula CB-1 Weight Gainer. They are all beneficial in that they present very little, if any, medical dangers. Athletes can use them without worrying if it’s containing any banned substances.

Advantages Of Herbal Remedies Over Hormonal Pills…

Of the remedies sold online, especially the many listed at Amazon, the herbal based products do attract a lot more following due to their safe and natural nature. They also present fewer side effects as opposed to hormonal remedies made for athletes and body builders.

Herbal based weight gain pills like CB-1 have ingredients that are safe because the extraction processes are straightforward and non-compromised. The finished products are thus more often easily absorbed and integrated into your digestive system.

Weight gain pills made out of herbal ingredients do not require doctor’s prescription. They can be bought over the counter and successfully administered because they are generally very safe. This safety profile means the anticipated side effects do not amount to much. At the most, some users have reported experiencing mild nausea, diarrhea and stomach upsets.

The choice to use chemically produced drugs however rests with your doctor. You need to consult widely, especially if you have a condition that seem serious. Prescribed drugs usually have side-effects of varying degree. If possible, always go for natural remedies. In any case, I plea you to seek help if you suffer from sever weight loss due to anorexia, bulimia or other illnesses.

Professional athletes normally have fears when using hormonal supplements for whatever reasons. This fear stems from the fact that these products from time to time, have substances that are banned and can compromise their performance. To reiterate, when using CB-1 Weight Gainer you do not have to worry about this as the ingredients are wholly natural and guaranteed safe for all testing purposes.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Vs Periactin

Nerd talk alert! (Jump to the video below to avoid rolling your eyes when reading the next two paragraphs).

Periactin is an antihistamine known chemically as Cyproheptadine. While its exploits as a local anesthetic, antiserotonergic (inhibiting the actions of serotonin) and anticholinergic agent are well documented; it competes with CB-1 Weight Gainer as an appetite stimulant.

It is a broad spectrum medication that can effectively treat conditions like allergic reactions, migraines, cyclical vomiting syndromes, excessive sweating, and also serotonin related sexual dysfunctions. It is however its functional properties as an appetite stimulant that is in context here.

While it is effective, it has been known to elicit sedation and sleepiness in patients using it. Just watch this cyproheptadine user review here:

Other periactin side effects includes:

  • confusion and disturbed coordination.
  • irritability.
  • insomnia.
  • convulsions.
  • euphoria.
  • hallucinations.
  • hypertension.
  • and liver complications like:
    • hepatitis.
    • jaundice.
    • and liver failure.

While both CB-1 Weight Gainer and Periactin are effective in helping you store more calories; the latter has adverse side effects and may not be very beneficial to your overall health. Drugs known to aid in weight gain include

  • Prednisone.
  • Imipramine (Tofranil).
  • Olanzapine (Zyprexa).
  • and antidepressants like Sertraline (zoloft) and Paroxetine (paxil).

CB-1 Weight Gainer has an advantage over all these prescription drugs because it’s mild to zero side effects. Athletes using the CB-1 weight gain pills have the advantage of completing their training programs without a lurking fear of getting sick or feeling dizzy.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Reviews Are Overall Highly Positive

Yup, there are several remedies for underweight people. To me the choice is easy. Many people who have used CB-1 Weight Gainer seem to value it higher, opposed to other pills and herbal remedies. It’s common that CB-1 Weight Gainer users record double digit gains in just less than four weeks.

Looking at a typical CB-1 Weight Gainer review, it is evident that a vast majority of users are not only impressed, but also contribute to spread the good word about its effect. Athletes with fast metabolism and who have been on protein shakes for a long time with little or no change, confirm that CB-1 Weight Gainer is indeed an effective brand of weight gain pills.

Many users of the CB-1 Weight Gainer report increased hunger for food, happily giving in to their newfound urge to eat.

Whether you need to gain weight because of a condition, or if you’re looking for more curves, or even if you’re looking for mass, strength and muscle power, you can confidently opt for the CB-1 Weight Gainer as it has dependable and lasting results. Used in combination with weight gain tips, like exercise and appropriate nutrition, these weight gain pills will work well and help you to reach your goal.

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So, what you think? If you struggle with gaining weight, would you consider trying CB-1 Weight Gainer or another brand of weight gain pills?