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Top 5 Trends For A Healthy Living In 2018

ways to stay healthy

It may be a bit overwhelming trying to find ways to stay healthy. Most people dread the untrue fact that staying healthy means having to invest lots of effort in the gym, counting reps for hours, week in and week out.

ways to stay healthy

Sure, if you are totally satisfied with the body and life you have today, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, something has to change. Some kind of effort and investment is likely required to make that change.

Your new mindset: “Maintain my health for a prolonged lifespan and functional body”. Have a goal to get healthy and experience a more fulfilling life. The right mindset will make the change easier.

Seriously, staying healthy does not have to be something you dread. You can have lots of fun while working at your health. So, here are five ways to become and stay healthy in 2018 that will be trending.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise strategy that alternates short periods of intense aerobic exercises with short recovery periods. HIIT was a big hit in 2013 and it is still one of the top ways to stay healthy in 2018.

HIIT features workout programs such as the Tabata regimen, Peter Coe regimen, Timmons regimen and Gibala regimen. The exercises involved in these programs include squat jumps, pushups, sit-ups, triceps dips and pedaling. HIIT can also be as simple as intense running for one minute with a recovery period of two minutes where you walk.

HIIT is very effective and 15 minutes of these exercises three times a week can deliver a better result than using the treadmill for an hour. Some of the benefits of this workout program include preserving lean muscles, burning excess body fat, healthier heart and boosting your body’s metabolism.

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is another program that will be one of the top ways to stay healthy this year. Just like the HIIT, it was a big hit in 2013 and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This diet has a nutritional approach founded on the presumed diet of the Paleolithic ancestors.

The Paleo diet encourages eating lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats from seeds, nuts, fish oil, olive oil, avocados and grass-fed meat.

While predominantly used for weight loss, the diet has numerous health benefits. They include stable blood sugar, balanced energy, burning excess fat, reduced allergens, improved sleep pattern and promoting healthy skin and teeth. The Paleo Diet is very effective when combined with an exercise program as it helps to you to have workouts that are more efficient.

Bodyweight Training

Body-weight training is one of the latest ways to stay healthy that has exploded in the health and fitness industry. Body-weight exercises do not require you to use weights or other exercise equipment. You simply use your body weight as a form of resistance during your workout.

Some of the body-weight exercises you can do include pull-ups, pushups, lunges, and crunches. Body-weight training enables you to strengthen your body without having to use a gym or other training equipment.

These exercises are very beneficial as they help to strengthen your muscles and build endurance. They can be done anywhere at any time, and the elimination of equipment makes them rather safe – less likely to result in injuries.

Strength Training

Strength training is another trending fitness program and it has been around for many years. Yup, the good old lifting of iron in the gym doesn’t seem to go anywhere, despite all the new ways to stay healthy popping up.

Strength training focuses on increasing your physical strength. The fitness program involves a wide range of resistance exercise machines and weightlifting exercises and body-weight exercises. It is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy due to its numerous health benefits.

It is very popular in the gyms and not just with the young people – there are many programs that can be used by older people or people with chronic health conditions.

Benefits of strength training exercises include increased muscle, burning of excess body fat, increased endurance, increased bone density and reduced cholesterol levels. Since strength training has to be accompanied by a diet change, the fitness program leads to a healthier and better lifestyle.

Green Juices And Smoothies

For years we have seen a surge in the number of people who drink healthy green juices. However, we think that green juices and smoothies will be an even big hit in 2018, easily becoming one of the trendiest ways to stay healthy. These juices and smoothies are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes them very nutritious.

Here are some good smoothie recipes we recommend you try. Mix a number of different fruits and vegetables to your own liking:

  1. Tropical green smoothie made from bananas, papaya, and pineapple
  2. Apple, spinach and carrot juice
  3. The avocado-pear smoothie
  4. Basil-avocado smoothie
  5. Cranberry pineapple smoothie

We hope these 5 trends will inspire you and that you enjoyed this little mashup of healthy ways to stay healthy in 2018!

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