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Why You Should Use Valerian Root (Not Just To Get High)

The stem is wrinkled and hollow with a height of 120 cm. Its leaves are close near the base. The fruit is encapsulating the compacted seed, and aside from the flowers having a peculiar smell, the plant as a whole has a putrid smell much noticeable when scratched.

What Is Taking Valerian Capsules Good For?

Valerian was first introduced as a treatment specifically for epilepsy. The valerian root has a property of being a great nerve stimulant, carminative in nature and antispasmodic. It is found to be effective as a sedative to the higher nervous systems of persons having disease conditions like St.Vitus’s dance, hypochondriasis, neuralgic pains and similar conditions wherein the nerves are not resting.

This herb relieves pain and can induce sleep, and it’s found to be beneficial for people having nervous overstrain. Historically, it has been used in various things, ranging from being used as a remedy for cholera, to a component in soap perfumery. It also has a small influence in the circulation to treat cardiac palpitations.

Can You Get A Valerian Root High?

If it’s out of concern, I don’t know, but some people are asking about the possiblility of getting a valerian root high. Well, just like alcohol and valium, the valerium acts on the GABA receptor complex, but you will not get a valerian high when using it.

So to those seeking to get high from using the herb, I’m sorry, there’s no such thing as a valerian tea high. It can however make you very calm, inducing that valerian super calm state of mind, which I guess can be nice sometimes. Though, kava kava might be better suited if that’s what you want from the herb.

What Are The Nutritional Content Of Valerian?

The chief component of valerian is a yellowish-green to brownish-yellow oil, which can be found in its roots when dried. This oil is a distinct combination of valerianic, formic, acetic acids and the alcohol borneol and pinene.

The root also contains two alkaloids, chatarine and valerianine. As of this writing, those two are still being studied, expecting to find how and why they can form crystalline salts. Glucoside alkaloid and resin is also detected in the fresh roots.

Where To Buy Valerian Root?

When looking to buy valerian, Walmart and Amazon are safe and trusted online stores. You can find a small selection of valerian products in the Amazon warehouse below, like valerian capsules from well-known brands.


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