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Phils Teeth Whitening Story

I was never one to worry about what people say or even think of me, but of late I notice that I had become overly self conscious about my appearance [watch why in the video]…

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To be more precise, the dismal state of my pearly whites. Like virtually everyone would, I had from my childhood taken excellent care of my teeth. But as I transitioned into adulthood, I began to notice telltale stains that really got the better of me.

I guess on a subconscious level I should have expected been in such a predicament as I am a great lover of nicotine. And a day doesn’t pass without me doing justice to about two packets of Marlboro, whether I am at work or chilling at home. Well, back to my apprehension. Things got to a point where I couldn’t talk to my workmates, let alone smile at the people I cared most about.

As time passed by, I began to do a great deal of thinking on what I could do to reverse the deplorable state of my teeth. As I have an extremely demanding career getting the necessary time to have my teeth professionally done was certainly not an option. Then as fate would have it, one night as I was surfing the net I happened to come across an ad on Google about teeth whitening home kits and I felt like EUREKA! This was just the thing for me.

Then almost immediately a flutter of fear engulfed me. How safe were these products? Did they have any long-term side effects? I had once heard about a friend of a friend who had ruined his teeth by using a teeth whitening system that contained a high concentration of chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce. The thought horrified me! You can guess the dilemma I was now in, but knowing fretting wouldn’t help me I resolved on doing some more research on the topic.

Ultimately I came to discover that there were actually some very effective, and more to the point totally safe teeth whitening home kits in the market. Reassured by my research, I automatically started thinking of the advantages that would come with opting for such solutions.

My social life would definitely benefit a lot from making such a resolution. Indeed there was a girl that I had been fancying for quite a while now, but my low self esteem always deterred me from making my move. Yet she had always seemed approachable and almost half waiting for me to chat her up. Yeah, if I just didn’t overdo it like Ross Geller from Friends did, I think I could have a shot with her.

On the other hand, I had began to notice that my career was headed for the rocks due to my in-approachability. In fact most of my colleagues dreaded been assigned collective tasks with me. Though I knew none of them meant any offense. I was also vividly aware that if this trend continued I was likely to lose my job.

After spending about an hour analyzing the pros and cons of giving teeth whitening home kits a try, i realized that I had plenty to gain and nothing to lose. As going over to a department store was out of the question, I decided to purchase the very best teeth whitening system I could find online.

Well to cut a long story short I did finally managed to acquire an exceptionally good product via the internet, and the results were just amazing. Within a week of daily application I could hardly believe the marvelous transformation that had taken place. All the stains had vanished and my teeth had taken to a dazzling whiteness that earned me plenty of compliments every time I opened my mouth. Which frankly made me wonder why I had procrastinated to try out teeth whitening home kits when I had nothing to lose.

I eventually got to talk with the girl that I was interested in and what can I say? Things are going well between us and we are just taking one day at a time in our relationship. My career is back on track and I believe a promotion or a salary raise is certainly in the cards. Finally, I have also resolved to cut down my nicotine intake, not just because of my teeth alone, but also my overall health. Should you be in the same predicament as I was I would definitely recommend giving these products a try.

To help you get started, let me show you where to get a free kit with select teeth whitening packages. By now, I think you should go ahead and claim your own free teeth whitening home kit. Thanks for your time and take care!

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