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Techniques For Breaking Bad Habits

I want to do an article about breaking bad habits, because I’m studying a book these days called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it (as you already might have picked up on if you’re a loyal reader of this blog).

One of the things the book discusses is how to stop bad habits…

I really like this part, because if focus you to make some life altering choices.

This summer I’ve been kinda sloppy with my morning ritual.

I’ve slept in quite a lot… I’ve not been doing my exercises like I should have…

I’ve been doing way to much “busy work” and not enough actual work in my business… I’ve also been less attentive about what I’ve been eating…

Keep On Tracking When Breaking Bad Habits

All these things have become patterns in my lifestyle now, and I’ve decided to not let these bad habits shape my future anymore. I’m on a deadly mission and I will be breaking bad habits for the next weeks and months like a professional hitman.

We all got bad habits and good habits. I honestly love the way Darren Hardy paint the picture of how we all can get rid of bad habits and replace them with some good ones. You really ought to get yourself a copy of the Compound Effect. You’ll love it!

Breaking Bad Habits With A Cool “Replacement Technique”…

One little technique you can use if you want to be breaking bad habits, is to wrap your mind around what you can do instead of what you can’t do. Say, if you’re interested in losing weight, you must avoid certain foods. Right?

But, instead of thinking about all the foods you have to avoid, you instead think about all the foods you can have instead. Filling both your mind and your body with other food types, will make it easy to stop eating certain foods you until now have had a bad habit of eating.

There Is An App For Breaking Bad Habits And You Should Consider It…

This is just one technique of many, and I’m blown away about how much you can achieve in just one day using them. I’m already feeling like a transformed man! Like I’m taught in the book, I track my progress – and I found a neat little app on Google Play to help me.

It’s called Habit Streak Pro and you should check it out. I’m sure they have something similar on the Apple App Store.

Now I’m using the Compound Effect to excel in both business and life. I think the new 90 day challenge we started recently will be a big success. Breaking bad habits and doing 90 day challenges are big parts to why anyone could ever even think of setting goals like earning $10K a month.

If you would like to get more out of life than what you’ve achieved thus far, watch the video in the menu on top of the page and decide to start today.

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