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Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores And 16 Other Things To Use It For

Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is called an essential oil, taken from the leaves of a tea tree plant. It has a camphor-like odor, and the color varies from colorless and clear, to pale yellow. Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil and cooking oil, since it’s kinda toxic when taken orally.

tea tree oil for cold sores

The Nutritional Content Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has 98 compounds and for a tea tree oil to be considered such, it has to have specific levels of 15 components. It has 6 chemotypes, including terpinen-4-ol chemotype, a terpinolene chemotype, and four 1.8 cineole chemotypes. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties can be attributed to its major component, which is the Terpinen-4-ol.

What Is Tea Tree Oil Good For?

Tea tree oil is to be applied topically. Because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used as a remedy for many types of infection. You can use tea tree oil for cold sores, acne, onchomycosis, lice, scabies, athlete’s foot and ringworm.

It is also used as an antiseptic wash for abrasions, cuts and burns, bites and stings, boils, vaginal infections, ear infections and infections of the mouth.

Others have used it to treat cough, bronchial congestion and inflammation in the pulmonary area by adding an amount to it to the bath.

Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores

You might wanna try tea tree oil for cold sores. You see, within the area of alternative medicine, tea tree oil is found to be very effective in treating cold sores.

Cold sores usually have a healing duration within a week or two, but tea tree oil can be applied to speed up the healing process, shortening the healing time. If you have a history of recurring cold sores, it may be helpful to use tea tree oil as lip balm for prophylaxis.

Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores?

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