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Starve Mode By Leigh Peele: Dispelling The Starvation Mode Myth

starve modeStarve Mode by Leigh Peele is the program for those who might feel a bit discouraged because they have tried «everything», but still not having reached their ideal weight.

Is that you? Are you still searching for an effective way to lose weight? Well, you can now put an end to your search because Starve Mode is here. It will give a very effective solution to your problem.

Starve Mode gives readers an explanation about various important topics, such as:

  • starve mode.
  • metabolism.
  • hormones.
  • nutrients.
  • calories.
  • fat loss.
  • and a lot more.

The book also covers a portion about starvation mode myths,  dispelling « nutrition facts» that you once was led to believe to be true. You will learn what starvation mode is and all the facts surrounding this topic. It will let you get the fitness you want with the help of starvation mode recovery. This book gives you no fluff, but accurate information on effective weight loss. Still, as you read the Starve Mode book, you will realize that it is actually not about diet.


It is actually about metabolism, how it affects your body and how you can properly control it. This book serves as a motivation for the readers who want to lose weight in a healthier way. With this book, you will become knowledgeable about how your body is trying to help you in a lot of ways, and how your body responds to all the food that you eat. It will truly enable you to deal with aweful starvation mode symptoms, should you include intermittent fasting into your overall health plan.

The Mastermind Behind Starve Mode

The author, Leigh Peele has really done a great job creating the Starve Mode. The awesome content of the book, derived both from science-based research and the knowledge of the author is all really evident. She considers this book as one of her best accomplishments. She created this book and the program because she really wants to «unconfuse» the world about how the body works. So, have in mind that this can be the answer to all the questions you are facing with your fat loss problems.

What Starve Mode Will Do For You

The book talks about several topics, giving the information, solutions and explanations you need to lose your love handles. But the main focus is, as said earlier, about metabolism. Leigh specifies the effects that are brought about metabolic damage and repair, and is especially diligent about metabolic problems caused by dieting.

With this book, she really encourages everyone to be knowledgeable first and understand the process on how the body burns fat, before you decide what strategy you will take to be able to lose fat. She truly believes that if you get the knowledge, and then fully understand everything about that certain topic, then you will be on your way to making right decisions.

In this case, the book will enable you to understand everything about how to burn fat and get in shape. Only then will you be able to sift through any kind of diets you read about, deciding if it’s good or bad for you. If you create a sensible and effective diet plan based on what you read in the book, then we believe you will be able to get success in the end. And more so, we believe you will stick to it, become healthy and fit throughout your lifetime.

Starve Mode also reveals some ways on how to properly choose the best foods for you. Do you think it’s enough to look at the food label of the food that you want to buy, taking note of its calorie content and what nutrients you get? The Starve Mode program tells you the facts, that there are foods that can be consumed on a regular basis and there are others that should be consumed only for a seldom treat.

This book also tells you that fat-restricted diets is not at all helpful. It actually prevents your body from functioning properly. This book simply puts a stop to the confusion of false information about dieting and body starvation. Leigh believes that because of the lack of information, people are performing wrong ways to promote their weight loss.

What You Get With The Starve Mode Program

Starvation Mode book by Leigh Peele contains 200 pages with 17 chapters of facts related to metabolism, nutrients, dieting and weight loss. All backed-up by science-based research. The book is available in a digital format, so that readers can get instant access to the book through their smart phones or computers.

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The book is recommended for everyone in need of effective weight loss. Yes, you can absolutely reach your goal, having a more effective diet with the Starve Mode.

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