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Sleep – The Cheapest and Most Effective Cure For A Healthy Body

How sleeping can help you get healthy

How sleeping can help you get healthy

Whilst none of us are oblivious to the sensational feel of wonderland that eludes us post falling asleep, this subconscious state of body and mind is the ultimate way to forget the world around you for just a momentary phase of time, in addition to refueling yourself with energy for the rest of the day!

However, the constant stresses of life have resulted in one and many an individual feeling deprived of this routine of utmost relaxation and recuperation. As a general rule of thumb, an appropriate amount of sleep is compulsory for our internal organs to function in optimum condition, and a lack of this is bound to lead to the following undesirable effects; read on to know more!

  1. A deteriorated level of physical stamina: Let’s face it – you’re exhausted. It’s no surprise if you’re feeling this way right now.
  2. A deteriorated level of immunity: A lesser amount of those zzz’s on a regular basis is going to make you easily susceptible to a plethora of infections, period.
  3. A deteriorated level of mental stamina: It’s going to feel even hard to comprehend what someone else may be saying to you, along with a partial impairment on what you reply back too.
  4. Premature signs of ageing: Sagging skin or straying silvers? You could blame it to little or no sleep every night.
  5. Increased cravings for unhealthy foods: When the body is suffering from a lack of sleep, hormones that regulate appetite and the burning of fat are secreted in amounts that are beyond average, thereby resulting in cravings for food and beverage items that contain high amounts of sugar and/or caffeine. This in turn could lead to unwanted weight gain.

So, how is one to catch up with those remedying snores as effectively as possible every night?

  • Get into and out of bed at the same times, every day and night: This tactic ensures that your internal biological clock is in a relevant order. A systematic circadian rhythm, in turn, is essential to obtain a good night’s worth of sound sleep.
  • Avoid all forms of screen displays at least 2 hours prior to bedtime: Recent studies have revealed that the bluish tinge of light that emanates from the open displays of TV sets and smart phones has contributed to a set-back in terms of falling asleep.
  • If you’re the kind of person who can’t fall asleep the moment your head hits the sack and is afterwards prone to fiddling with your cell phone or the remote controller of your TV set, try reading a book in lieu of this bad habit; you’ll feel yourself fall into doze mode slowly but steadily.
  • Have a glass of warm milk before going to bed: Milk is an indispensable food cum beverage item that is well known for its holistic nutritional content. In addition to that, consuming a cookie or two (a handful of almonds may even suffice) is great for assisting the nutrition from the milk to reach the depths of your head very quickly – and delectably enough, at that!

Joanna Robinson is a nutritionist and a physical instructor. She is experienced in providing health related advices.

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc

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