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September 2014 – My Fitness Progress Report

back pain fitness report

On a monthly basis, you’ll get a report from me about my fitness progress and vital measurements, letting you stay in the loop on how I get maximum impact with minimal effort.

This is a way for me to keep track of my own progress, as well as a way to openly inspire and keep people in the know about how super fitness is achieved. I research what works and what not, by walking the walk, taking the lead and teach by doing. Not just by telling.

You’ll get in-depth insight of my fitness progress (or downfalls) towards any goal I set for myself. It may sound like my life revolve around fitness, but it’s not. As a busy dad I’m all about spending the least amount of time and effort to get the maximum fitness result.

Do you wonder why I do this? Why I care about publishing my own results online?

Well, keep in mind that my goal is to inspire and teach others about fitness and health. Now, how do people evaluate if an investment is good or not? Say, in the stock market? They look at the numbers shared by companies, and get an idea if to invest or not.

So, I asked myself: “How can I help my readers evaluate if what I advice them to do is good or not?”

I think the best way to convey that what I do is good for your health, is by showing how it works for me in these fitness reports. It’s only fair to do so, sharing this with you, if you are to consume content on my blog and follow my advice, so to speak; invest your time with me.

A lot of people today think having great fitness is only for a select few. While others seem to believe that they can turn around and get super fit in a couple of weeks, if they only jump on the secret loophole like ads often will have you believe. But none of these beliefs hold any truth.

Getting great health and fitness is not something you do overnight. There are no loophole discovered by Chinese scientists that will give you what you want tomorrow. And fitness isn’t only for a select lucky ones either, with good genes and insane work ethics. No, fitness is for everyone, also for busy dads over 35!

And that is a big reason why this blog exists.

Fitness is a continues journey, where steady effort over time will let you arrive to your goal. There are many routes to any given destiny, and with me you can find out if bodyweight workouts and clean eating can bring super health and fitness. I’m sharing the how and the results in these reports. Sounds good, huh?

Believe me, I fail all the time. But through consistent effort and by always keeping my eyes on target, I manage to stay on track, closing in the gap between me and my goals a little bit more every day. So will you when you do things right! Check out my fitness resource page to find what I use to do things right.

Here Is The Fitness Report For September

Month of pain! If you’ve read my first progress report, you know I’ve had a pretty good year, transforming myself from having a puny, weak and fragile body, to getting a strong look and physique in just a few months.

But last month was a huge downfall. I talked a bit about it in the last report, that I’ve been struggling with a bad back. Well, just days after having published the last report, I threw my back out big time!

I’ve pretty much been unable to do just about anything since then. But I do have a glimmer of hope and positivity, aiming for a fast recovery this month.

You see, it’s probably just a severe case of lumbago, and not a dislocation of the spinal discs. So, as the worst pain has subsided, I can start my active recovery plan, which entails a few smart new habits and some adjustments to my routines.

It’s all about slowly building myself back up again. Maybe easier said than done when dealing with such a severe case of lumbago, but with hard work and lots of positivity I’m ready to go again head on!

Yup, I’ve learned that I gotta be way more careful about injuries. It means I must do some changes to my routines, making sure to avoid anything like this in the future. I don’t know how these changes will work out just yet, but I’m very optimistic.

You can find my vital measurements below, but the status of strength and endurance will have to wait until next month. As you can see from the measurements, I’ve had a slight setback because of my situation:

Vital Measurements (September 2014)

Weight: 79,3 kg or 175 pounds (+ 2,4 kg)

Fat Percentage: 14,9% (+1.5%)


Strict push-ups: 52 (+37 since Christmas)

Strict pull-ups (no kipping): 8 (+7 since Christmas)

200 meter offroad run: 44 seconds

800 meter offroad run: 05:04 (minutes:seconds)

Read the last report to know more about my ridiculous endurance!

“Active Recovery” Plan – Keep Moving

I’ve learned a bunch from my lumbago experience. If there is one thing you can’t do for too long, it’s being inactive. To recover fast (or at all) you need to be moving and activate your core muscle mass.

Today I installed a gymnastics ladder in my workout room. With this beauty at hand, I’ll incorporate more focused strength and stretching exercises to develop my core muscles.

Besides using a gymnastics ladder, I’ll be using a program that I stumbled upon recently. I briefly mentioned it in the last fitness report. It’s for people who experience back problems and it’s called Back Pain Relief 4 Life.

This program is way beyond what I’ve seen anywhere else in regards of core strengthening, and it entails exercises I’ve never even seen before.

I find its whole approach to handle back pain and lumbago very interesting. Honestly, I think it will be THE key to rid my lumbago during my active recovery period, helping me to build a stronger and better back than ever.

God knows I’ve got a long history of dealing with lumbago, but it have seldom been as bad as I’ve had it the last few weeks. It would be awesome if Back Pain Relief 4 Life could make my more or less chronic “on and off” back pain issue go away and just vanish into thin air!

I’ll give all details about how my active recovery period pans out this month in my fitness report for October which will be published next month.

Things I Use Now:


Eat For Energy

Eat Stop Eat

Back Pain Relief 4 Life

Herbal Protein Shake


Without having a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you, you won’t be able to succeed at anything. This seemingly obvious fact has become more and more apparent to me, as I again and again has managed to rise from failures and defeats.

I say “seemingly obvious fact” because I feel a lot of people know this, but they forget to live it in their day to day lives. Know what I mean?

There are a lot of great mentors all around the world, both in the world of fitness and in the world of business. And I’ve met quite a few of them, both in person and on the internet.

One of the best places you can go to develop and maintain the winning mindset is at Quanta. I started using their program when they launched earlier this year. It really is one of the best mentoring programs I’ve ever seen.

To get success you really need to have the grit of giants, and Quanta can set you on the right path to where you want to go.

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