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Refocusing on my fitness and vital values…

I’ve just stuffed my face with the biggest brown piece of heaven you’ve ever seen. As if there was no tomorrow. And I feel sick. Yup, I’ve sucked down a big plate of chocolate and I’m in the middle of a sugar rush. Just waiting for the drop and the drowsiness to kick in.

No more. I can’t. I shouldn’t. But most importantly, I don’t want to anymore. The short moment of pleasure you get from eating chocolate isn’t worth the pain that follows. The sick feeling. The overweight. The bad mood.

To set myself straight, I’ll do a serious change to take control of my body and life. I’ll demand of myself to have top fitness back in my life. A fitness level I used to enjoy in my late teens and parts of my twenties.

Yes, I will get fit again. And this blog will be the perfect leverage that will make me reach my goals. As a blogger and an online business person, I know putting social pressure on myself is a great way to work as hard as humanly possible. I must admit, I’ve planned this kinda post for some time, but been postponing it because of, well, lazyness.

So! First order of business will be to find and monitor my vital values. You know, my weight, my basal metabolic rate, but most importantly my fat percentage. I’ll do that tonight and report back the numbers if you want.

I’ve been dealing with a pulled muscle the last month or so. But I recon I’ll be ready to start working out very soon. To help get ready faster I’m doing self massages, with the help of a small ball. It seems to work wonders and I’ve got to remember to use that more consistently to stay free of injuries like this.

Ooh, I’m starting to feel the drop now. Darn that chocolate craving! Ok, I’ll go and lay down somewhere now. Zzz…

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