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3 Big Benefits Of Odorless Garlic Oil Capsules (Or Plain Garlic If You Don’t Care About The Stink)

Garlic, when pressed, smells distinctive and very strong. For sure, its scent is full and very, very distinctive! The smell of garlic in the kitchen in the morning is for some people a delight, and for others (who hasn’t eaten it the night before) – not so much. Yup, the smell is very pungent and it stays around for a while like a friend overstaying his welcome.

When walking into a house where garlic has been eaten, you can right away identify its smell. But it tastes great I think. Tangy, and not at all sweet. It kinda has a heated taste, and as it gets older, it tastes sharper and spicier. I must say, I love a good garlic meal though, but the smell can be overpowering. Not always what you want if you work in an office, sitting close to your co-workers.

But, that’s why they made us odorless garlic oil capsules to remedy those situations, so we can have the benefits of garlic, but not having to deal with the stink! :)

What Are Garlic (Or Odorless Garlic Oil Capsules) Good For?

Garlic has been used throughout the years as seasoning for food, as well as to cure or inhibit a wide range of diseases. Yes, there are many reasons to take odorless garlic oil capsules, and studies have shown that garlic has 3 big specific benefits, preventing the occurrence of:

  1. atherosclerosis.
  2. hypertension.
  3. and coronary heart disease.

It is also believed to lower bad cholesterol and treat wounds as the garlic also works as an antibiotic. People also report that they take:

  • garlic pills for acne.
  • garlic pills for warts.
  • garlic pills for fleas.
  • garlic pills for hair growth.
  • garlic pills for bv (bacterial vaginosis).

Nutritional Content Of Garlic?

This wonderful bulbous plant contains phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s full of anti-oxidants! It also contains allicin that is known to decrease cholesterol production and is a potent antibacterial. Neat stuff, huh?

Where To Buy Odorless Garlic Oil Capsules?

Many stores carry odorless garlic oil capsules as well as other products containing garlic. Walmart, Amazon, as well as your local health store should have them. I recommend taking them naturally in your diet. There are lots of great recipes with garlic you can find online and use in your kitchen. Though, you can avoid its strong smell, and get the garlic benefits through various odorless garlic pills:

  • NOW Foods Garlic oil
  • Frontier Organic Garlic Powder
  • NOW Foods Super Odorless Garlic Capsules
  • Nature’s Bounty Odourless Garlic Capsules 1000mg


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