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Parents Accepting Obesity As Being The New Norm

health rant

I believe that beauty is more than flesh. Truly it is, and from where I’m sitting right now, in a dining area at the local aqua park, I’m reminded that flesh can be dang ugly too.

I mean, it’s one thing to let yourself go “just a little bit” at certain times in life when you’re stuck between a hard place and a rock.

But what I’m spotting here from my table is not a sight for sore eyes. I want to yell to them. There is not excuse for this people!

Different Kind Of Boobs

Seriously, I’m spotting moobs, back boobs, love handles and hanging bellies everywhere I look!

Is this what God created in the beginning? A couple of weird looking creatures, with flab and all sorts of health issues, named Adam and Eve.

They must have been saying; “Just hold on now God… you expect me to have sex with that sorry excuse of a creation?”

Not one person out of at least 300 people in here are what I would consider healthy. Most kids in here are fat as well. Just like their parents.

I swear, it’s like looking at small hairless ewoks play around having fun in the water – until they are out of breath, sitting on the edge of the pool like a beached little whale.

I’m doing this rant, because there is a real health issue in need to be dealt with all over the planet. We need to stop letting it be OK to become and stay fat as if it is the new NORM.

It’s as if those who are fit and healthy are the odd ones out. That we ought to feel ashamed for being careful about what we eat and how we work out… health freaks!

What kinda crazy self-destructive mindset for the human race! Come on! Parents must take the lead, serving as good examples, and begin to live life with more focus on health, and less focus on convenient fast food.

I know it’s hard to ignore the big corporates who want to cramp burgers down our throats. But remember, they are in it to get your money. Not to feed you. Not to make you feel better. Not to help you to be healthy. It’s about the money and you are their milk cow.

Don’t Be A Milk Cow For The Burger Dealers

Take the lead with simple to follow and time-saving health systems, like the ones I use described on my resource page. It’s doable. It’s simple. And too me, it’s also easy.

Give the kids a choice, and I bet none of them want to be fat and unable to run around all day. But they don’t have a say in the matter. They simply are a product of their parents ignorance of how to life healthy! My newsletter will remedy that!


I know certain people who love going to the gym, but it’s not for everyone to spend several hours a week cramped together with sweaty strangers.

There are other ways to get and stay fit besides going to the gym. Ways that let you get to the level of fitness that you need or want. Heck there are ways that don’t require more than three workouts per week, and less than 30 minutes per workout – some as short as 5 minutes!

Seriously, time-saving fitness programs like that is a huge deal for those too busy to go to the gym. I think this should be good news to all overweight/underweight people out there who can’t get fit because of lack of time. It can solve a whole range of issues for your health too if you start using such a workout regime.

You see, when enough people eat clean and work out a bit, it can save millions and billions of dollars from being spent in the medical industry. Simply because people probably won’t need their blood pressure medicine anymore, or any other medicine related to being obese!

If you watch Joe Cross in his movie “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead”, you know that is true! You can find it on Netflix or get it at his blog, Reboot With Joe.

Your fitness goals is within reach when you subscribe below, watch the video and decide to start today. You deserve to be just as fit as the next guy, and live the life that you dream about, with better health, which in turn also can lead to more wealth, better relationships and a more fulfilled life in general.

You take the first step by subscribing to the newsletter, getting insider tips on how to sleep, eat, train and life healthy:


P.S. No offense, but parents ask yourself, what does sex mostly look like when you do it? More like what you watch in the hot sex scenes in the TV-hit Game of Thrones, or is it more similar to what you see during a workout session from the TV-show Biggest Loser!

If the latter is more your kinda style, but you don’t have any particular fat fetish in the bedroom, you might wanna look into what I have for you in my newsletter.

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