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Nutmeg Powder Is More Than A Brain Tonic!

The nutmeg flavor is delicately warm, spicy and sweet. A lot of  people use nutmeg capsules, pills and oils, although this herb is mostly used as a powder. There are some fascinating health benefits to using it, but be careful about getting that nutmeg high. You see, during the Roman and Greek civilizations, nutmeg was used as a brain tonic.

Yup, the herb was found to effectively stimulate the brain, giving you a nutmeg high. People still try to get high using nutmeg, by taking too much of it – getting a marijuana-like effect. Reportedly, a couple of tablespoons of nutmeg powder is enough to get a buzz. But the nutmeg high isn’t a very good high, at least according to many people who have tried it.

What Is Nutmeg Powder Good For?

Nutmeg is a popular tropical fruit, and has become a popular spice used all over the world. Not only for its taste, but also for its many health benefits. The properties of nutmeg are powerful. In the ancient times, nutmeg powder was used as a remedy for various ailments and to improve health in general.

It’s also good for people who are suffering from anxiety or depression. The herb also has a sedative effect. Many Chinese people use nutmeg to treat inflammation and abdominal pain – using it to help treat aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis, sores and other ailments.

You can also use it as an effective detox for your liver and kidney. Yes, nutmeg can clean your liver and kidney, remove toxins, help preventing and even dissolving kidney stones. It can also be a helpful aid if you got problems sleeping. A cup of organic almond milk with nutmeg powder can induce sleep and help to relax your mind.

What Are The Nutritional Content Of Nutmeg?

Calories are not relevant really, because you take so litte of it, but nutmeg is rich in calories, mostly because of carbohydrates (sugar and fiber) and protein. It contains fats and fatty acids such as monosaturated fat, saturated, polysaturated, and omega-6 fatty acids. It’s rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6, folate and choline.

Where To Buy Nutmeg Powder?

If you want to get some nutmeg powder, Walmart should be able to help you out. So should Amazon and Walgreens, or any other serious health food store. Below, I’ve found some of the nutmeg powders on Amazon for you, as well as some other nutmeg products you might wanna check out.


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