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The New Fitness Rules That Beats the Old School

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Eating Before a Workout

It is a belief before that there are more fat that will be burn when a person exercises on an empty stomach. According to the new rule, eating a 150-calorie meal at least one hour before the workout is necessary.

Based on the latest research of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, there are higher fat-burning rate for those who ate breakfast before the workout compared to those who ate post-workout. Combination of half cup plain yogurt and a banana is enough for a meal before the workout. English muffin that is made from whole wheat with a half tablespoon of peanut butter is another option.

Have an Exercise Buddy

When someone is waiting, there’s a better chance for an individual to show up in his exercise session. This is still helpful until today because it is really fun to exercise with someone. However, according to the recent studies, being solo is much better compared to having an exercise buddy. An individual without an exercise buddy has more chance of exercising harder. Being with a chatty friend may not give an individual the best result that he needs.

Short Rest Days

Many believed that exercising more frequent will bring better results which leads to shorter rest days. Since frequency is more important, some individuals tend to exercise even though their muscles and tissues were not yet recovering. This is a very risky take because it may cause injury which compromises the muscle. Intensity is more preferred rather than frequency. It is always a rule that an individual must listen to his body because it will dictate when it is time to go back.

Working Out is King

It is true that working out burns a lot of calories. This is the reason why exercise is encouraged for people who want to get slim or to stay slim. According to the recent research, exercising is not enough to keep fit. It is also important that every day a person is active throughout the day. Experts call it as the total daily energy expenditure.

On-your-knees Push-Up

Push-up is not easy for first-timers which many trainers suggest to modify it to make the exercise easier. The modification they suggest is on-your-knees push-up which means that the knees touch the floor while doing the push-up motion. According to experts, this modification is not effective. A push-up must work with a full range of motion which will not be achievable with knees alone. The better modification is by placing the hand on a counter top or a low bench while keeping the body straight.

Yoga and Pilates for Longer and Leaner Muscles

Yoga and Pilates have many benefits for the body but not for lengthening the muscles and losing weight. Although these exercises focus more on stretching, it does not mean that it can make the muscles longer. As a matter of fact, there are no form of exercise that the make the muscles longer.

These two exercises are not effective in losing weight which cardio and strength training can fulfill. However, it greatly helps in improving flexibility which the body needs. It also helps a person to improve focus and to strengthen the core. Another advantage of doing Yoga and Pilates is that it can help in reducing the stress which leaves more relaxed body.

Remember, cardio and strength trainings are irreplaceable for losing weight.

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