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Top Reasons To Use A Kombucha Tea Starter Kit…

A kombucha drink has a light taste compared to sodas, with a clean and refreshing texture. You will find it lightly sweet and faintly sharp, but the level of taste and the smell depend on the fermentation process. Sometimes it will smell like a nail polish remover or a solvent. Other times, it may smell like a rotten orange or sometimes even like a skunk.

Yeah, the kombucha scent isn’t its forte. But there are good reasons to get yourself a kombucha tea starter kit…

What Is A Kombucha Tea Starter Kit Good For?

As kombucha has been fermented, it is packed with beneficial bacteria known as probiotics, which is highly beneficial for your gastrointestinal system. Kombucha tea is also full with antioxidants, and thus can help with boosting your immune system and increasing your energy. It’s even good for detoxifying your system, which is why some people do a kombucha cleanse now and again.

It also supports the body’s metabolic function, as well as offering relief from inflammation of joints and joint pains. Lastly, women make use of kombucha to relieve from premenstrual syndrome, and some take it to remedy their loss of appetite, hair loss, and memory loss. It sure is a versatile drink, I must say!

What About Nutritional Content Of Kombucha?

Kombucha has wide varitety of yeast and bacteria, along with organic acids, active enzymes, polyphenols and amino acids released by these microbes. It may also contain acetic acid, ethanol, gluconic acidglucoronic acid, glycerol, lactic acid, usnic acid and vitamin B. Kombucha also contains 1.51 mg/ml of vitamin C. Probiotics is the main component of kombucha, which is a vital piece of the puzzle when talking about nutrients absorption and sufficient digestion.

Where To Buy Kombucha Tea Starter Kit?

Wanting to brew and enjoy some kombucha, Amazon and Walmart both have starter kits that will let you make it at home yourself. But, you can also get ready-to-drink kombucha in cans, like the Kombucha Wonder Drink on Amazon, though I highly suggest you rather get a kombucha tea starter kit, brewing it yourself. The health benefits are so much better if you do:


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