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Hollywood Archetype Project: A Journey Begins Towards Deeper Happiness

Yes, that’s right – I’m growing a new set of balls, embarking on a journey towards superhero fitness, genius mindset and entreprenurial assets.

Hollywood Archetype Project

I’ve been standing in the shadows for too long. Watching the world spin. Observing how people interact. How they voice their opinions. How they show the world who they are. How they fail. How they succeed.

It’s due time. It’s my turn to step out into the light and claim my place.

Seriously, I’m sick and tired of looking at the world from a distance, working from behind the scenes, not really bringing you my best effort and value.

This is no bio of who I am, but in time it’s safe to say that the readers of this blog will get to know me pretty well.

From this point forward, I will share to the best of my ability everything I do to get fit as an athlete, wise as a philosopher and successful as an entrepreneur.

Playfully, I call it my Hollywood Archetype Project, or HAP for short. Yup, I am embracing the typical Hollywood projection of the three archetypes: the athletic superhero, the intellectual author and the successful entrepreneur.

To get a head start for this project, I recently acquired the very blog you’re reading right now. Granted, I could have started a blog from scratch, but when I stumbled upon this blog it felt so perfect for what I want to accomplish. So I bought it and I am currently in the process of making it «my own».

I believe health is the most important thing to get in order if you want to live life at its best. So, my first part of the project will be to get fit like Will Smith was in «I, Robot», or like Ryan Reynolds was in «Blade Trinity», or maybe more like how Brad Pit was in Fight Club (wiki link).

To look and perform like anyone of them, I need to work hard. I guess to look like Tarzan I need to eat like Tarzan, which means natural foods. And to perform like Tarzan I need to train like Tarzan, which means natural bodyweight training.

First order of business will be to further my knowledge about natural nutrition. I’ve recently enrolled at the Super Nutrition Academy founded by Yuri Elkaim, working to get SNA Certified.

To get as strong as humanly possible, in the shortest amount of time, I’ll work out with a system called Freeletics, as well as I’ll play around with stuff I’ve learned from people like Craig Ballentyne, Brad Pilon, Mike Geary, Ido Portal and many more.

Listen, I am no stranger to working out, but I’ve let myself go for far too long after I became a dad. No more! Bodyweight training will be my ticket back to strength, endurance and flexibility.

On this blog, the definition of «Healthy Living» will transcend bodily health and fitness. It will advocate healthy body, healthy mind and healthy business. It will be about having good health in all the aspects that determine a good living!

I hope to be able to share knowledge and inspiration with what I do on this blog. That my struggles and my results will help other people. So, welcome! Now, let’s kick off this first part of the Hollywood Archetype Project with a bang! Let’s find out what can be done with a 35 year old shabby body and if it will get as fit as I think it can get! :)

Wish me luck,
Tom Aagesen

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