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How To Get The V Cut: My 5 Step Plan To Awesome Abs… Love/Hate Step #4!

how to get the v cut
I must admit, I’m highly impressed whenever I see someone who can sport that V cut above their pelvis. As part of my overall fitness plan, I aim to have V-shaped abs myself not too far into the future. And this is how to get the V cuthow to get the v cut

I’ve done a bunch of research on the topic, and have come up with an actual V cut formula that I’m gonna follow the next few months. So for those who would love to know the real truth on how to get the V cut, pay attention!

This is the formula for how to get a V cut:

90 Sec Abs Workout + HIIT + Fasting + Clean Diet + Secret Weapon + Time = The V Cut

The Steps I’ve Mapped Out For Myself On How To Get The V Cut

Just like certain people are naturally good at math, it seems like some people are genetically predisposed to have this awesome bodily feature. Sure, certain guys get the V cut easier than others. Seemingly without effort!

But if you’re not one of those lucky ones, and still ask yourself: «How do I get a V cut like Wolverine in the X-Men movies?», you’re welcome to follow the tutorial I’ve now created for myself to finally nail that V cut.

Both you and I can easily get those V-shaped abs, simply by shedding the fat covering all of our bellies, but we will also need to do some weird abdominal exercises. Right?

1st Step: The 90 Second V Cut Focus

For two days a week, I’m gonna do those lower ab exercises that really focus in on that V cut, each one of them for 90 seconds. If you want exercises for ripped abs, this is it!

1. The Leg Lifts

First I’ll do leg lifts for 90 seconds. The idea is to do them after my main workout, and do them as fast as possible – looking for an increase in reps every week.

How to do leg lifts:

  • You do leg lifts by simply lying flat on your back, letting your palms face down at your sides. You then lift your legs off the ground so that they point directly to the ceiling.
  • Keeping your legs straight, lift your hips gently off the floor, hold for a split second and then lower your hips and legs back to the floor. (Bend your legs if it gets too heavy).

This type of exercise is essential as it helps build your lower ab strength by forcing the abdominal muscles to raise your legs and hips off the ground in a vertical column.

2. The Hanging Leg Raises

Second, I’ll up the game a bit by doing the slightly heavier exercise called hanging leg raises. I’ll do this one for 90 seconds as well.

How I do the hanging leg raises:

  • Hang beneath a horizontal bar ensuring that your body is pointing straight to the ground while your hips are rolled back slightly.
  • You then raise your legs and bend your knees to a point that your thighs and torso are at a right angle (90-degree angle). (If strong enough you can keep your legs straight).
  • Hold that position for a split second and then lower your legs to their original position.

This type of exercise is great for building your lower abs as well as increasing your grip strength.

3. The Reverse Crunches

Third, I’ll turn to the floor again for a new 90-second bout of six-pack hell.

Steps on how to do the reverse crunches:

  • Lie flat on your back with your legs raised with knees bent (i.e. in a tabletop position). Your thighs should form a right angle both with the ground as well as with your shins. Spread your arms wide at the same time, ensuring that your palms touch the ground, as this will provide balance.
  • Without moving your upper back, use your lower abs to lift your hips off the ground as your knees come toward the chest.
  • Hold that position for a split second and then lower your hips back to the ground. 90 seconds will be plenty of time to feel the burn!

4. The Ab V Hold

I’ll finish off the V cut workout with a static exercise to really feel that burn. This will really help tone in that V shaped abs.

How to do the ab V hold:

  • Lie flat on your back and with your hands on the ground, raise both your legs and your torso to about 45 degrees off the ground. Ensure that your legs are straight and that they maintain a strong, well-balanced posture.
  • Flex your ab muscles and maintain balance using your arms (you can make this easier by extending your arms parallel to the floor and pointing in the direction of the legs. But don’t use the arms to support the legs!
  • Hold this position for 90 seconds.

All of the above exercises are to be performed just once after two of my main bodyweight workouts each week. No more, no less. I think I’ll surprise myself on how effective this little 90 Second V Cut Focus program really is!

2nd Step: Get Moving

To reveal my V cut as fast as possible, I’ll continue to train my HIIT «crossfit system» using nothing but bodyweight, and also other gymnastic related workouts to anchor my strength and flexibility. This will not only help me get that V shape faster, but it will also improve my strength, as well as my overall wellbeing and health.

3rd Step: Fueling Up

As mentioned earlier, there are some who naturally have that V cut shaped abdomen. Actually, you could be one of those people without knowing it!

Yup, your V cut might already be there, but is for the moment invisible, buried under a good chunk of abdominal fat. Am I right? Whether that is true for you, or not, it just goes to show why it is vital to ensure that your diet is clean and healthy if you want those abs revealed.

Below are some of the key points that will help me on my way to losing as much abdominal fat as needed. No kidding, the diet part of the formula is for sure a very important factor on how to get the V cut!

I can’t deny having too much abdominal fat around my midsection, so part of my overall health plan is to lose fat and gain muscle.

Some pretty interesting methods that I use these days to make things happen are partly inspired by Hugh Jackman and how he prepares for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise.

One of those interesting methods is intermittent fasting. I do it pretty much like how Hugh does it, but with a twist. This is not about starvation. To be clear, you should not starve yourself. Intermittent fasting is a lot different from starving and must be done with a clear plan, knowing why, how and when to do it.

It’s all about gaining muscle mass and at the same time shed fat. I aim to lower my fat percentage to a single digit and increase my weight to above 176 pounds (80 kg).

Losing fat implies that the number of calories I’ll be consuming on a daily basis should be lower than what I burn. But gaining weight imply that I need to eat more than what I can manage to burn on a daily basis. Doesn’t it? Actually, this is where the intermittent fasting plays its role, coupled with intense gymnastic workouts. Yeah, you can burn fat and gain muscle at the same time!

In addition to eating healthy with the proper amount of calories, I also have to make sure that I get all the essential nutrients that my body needs. I do use supplements to do this, but I also follow Yuri’s ideas about clean eating and raw foods. It’s a pretty liberal approach to clean eating, as I’m not denying myself everything I like.

Lack of essential nutrients may result in irritability, cravings, tiredness, and lots of other things. To avoid this I use various vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. If I don’t take them, I always experience not having the strength do whats necessary, like working out. For me, it’s essential if I want my V cut muscles to pop!

Below you’ll see some of the foods and main guidelines that I use and which you might want to consider include in your own diet, especially if you want to be both healthy and have a V cut.

  • Lots of fresh vegetables and a bit of fruit. It’ll bring you few calories and is essential for your general health and wellbeing.
  • Lean, filling proteins. Nuts, lentils, eggs and chicken breasts. The latter is Hugh Jackman’s main ingredient when he bulks up and loses fat before shooting his scenes.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar, as well as fats (except coconut oil), and also avoid anything processed foods.

4th Step: Keep Moving

To be honest, I hate cardio workouts with standardized, repeatable movement patterns. They are long, boring, and not at all challenging my strength, stamina and flexibility like how I want it.

But undeniably, a good way to burn extra calories is to do cardiovascular exercise. Sure, but it’s not THE best way. Though my everyday life can be a bit too passive and I could highly benefit from moving around more than I do.

What’s your daily schedule like?

If it’s overly busy like mine, you might not find time to do cardio for hours upon hours every week. Still, there are ways to lose that extra bit of abdominal fat. I passionately want to reveal my V cut muscles from under my layer of fat. If you do too there are some simple things that can ramp up your physically active day to day lifestyle.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking instead of driving when doing small errands. Work standing instead of sitting down, something I do myself using a vertically adjustable desk. Yup, there are many obvious things to do if you want to stay fit. Did you know you can burn an extra 500 calories a day if you’re working all day standing, instead of sitting down?

Anyway, things like that all add up. This is not only a good way of getting rid of a bit excess abdominal fat, but it also helps to improve blood flow, increase daily energy and at the same time lower my heart rate.

I might enjoy an occasional swim, walk, jog, bike ride, hike and such. Sure, they will all help me burn fat. But I will never prioritize such activities over a good HIIT strength workout with gymnastic movements and the 90 Second V Cut Focus plan described above.

5th Step: A Secret Weapon

I’ll add a “secret weapon” to my list of how to get the V cut because it’s so easy to forget about. You see, water is essential for all functions of the body. And surely, water also aids in the process of shedding fat.

During exercise, I’m bound to lose a lot of water through sweat and exhalation. This loss has to be replaced, at least if I want to stay alert, focused, positive and healthy. I take small mouthfuls of water all the time when I work out, and aim to drink at a minimum of 8 glasses per day.

So This Is How To Get The V Cut Abs

When asking myself how to get the V cut abs, I came up with the above steps after researching both my own experiences, as well as other personal trainers and fitness authorities.

I think this is pretty simple and easy to follow. Basically: Get physically fit by adding muscle mass while also focusing on removing your layer of abdominal fat that buries your V cut ab muscles.

If that V cut doesn’t appear when getting down to about 10 percent fat, work on getting it out into the light by doing the simple 90 Second V Cut Focus exercises explained above. That’s what I’ll do anyway, and hopefully, it might help you too if you need it.

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