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The REAL Truth About Herbalife Reviews!

herbalife reviews

Herbalife reviews online are a dime a dozen. Sadly, lots of the reviewers make a disservice to themselves (and their audience) when talking about possibilities of “extraordinary” health and wealth!

herbalife reviews

Typical reviewers usually throw a bunch of dry and mundane information at you, either about the Herbalife products or the Herbalife home based business opportunity. Yup, when searching online you can easily find hyped up, yet boring testimonials from new, ambitious and enthusiastic distributors of the Herbalife company.

Their common trait is that they have no idea about how to present themselves or their products to the marketplace! If you work with Herbalife or a company similar to Herbalife, then please pay attention so that you avoid doing all the rookie marketing mistakes with your business. See, you don’t want to taint the company, the products and your own brand, do you?

No? Well, then you’re in luck, because this is where yoo’ll learn how professional internet marketers go about to promote health products. First, let’s say it out loud together:

“My day to day philosophy is not about getting success, but about doing the things that increase my chance of getting success.”

I live by this in whatever I want to excel in. And so should you I think. Now, with that philosophical adjustment of mind, you should be primed to dig in and find the truth about Herbalife and how to market like a pro.

Beware Of The Many Herbalife Reviews Online…

It’s common to find poorly researched Herbalife reviews, usually done by marketing amateurs, selling competing biz-ops and products instead of giving proper information about the Herbalife opportunity. Let me put it like how my man Jesus said it, that you shall know them by their fruits. If your read a review, then look at the reviewer, and see if they have the health, wealth or whatever other benefits they are trying to sell you on. Ok?

There are two parts to consider when talking about Herbalife reviews. First you have the Herbalife shake reviews, and then you have the Herbalife business reviews.

Part 1: Herbalife Shake Reviews Gone Wild

The big majority of Herbalife distributors comply with the marketing rules of the company. No doubt. But there are things to be aware of! You see, when certain distributors give their Herbalife reviews they will have you believe that you can walk on water and shoot fire out of your eyes. Simply by using the Herbalife shake!

Ok, that is obviously an exaggeration, but fact is, boosted by their newbie enthusiasm quite a few distributors go way too far when talking about how great the products are. Such Herbalife reviews are meant well by the distributor, but reflects poorly on other distributors, the company and the products.

Part 2: The Herbalife Business Reviews

The other aspect of Herbalife reviews are the ones talking about the home based business opportunity. See, great products would not get sold in the marketplace without a proven business plan. As well, a proven business plan would be no good without great products.

By the mere fact that Herbalife now exists in over 80 countries and has become a global movement is a pretty strong indicator of success. The CEO, Michael O. Johnson, is certainly steering the Herbalife brand towards a bright future.

If only every single Herbalife distributor could steer their own business in the same manner. The Herbalife home business reviews often talk about the company, the products, the history, the business compensation plan and all the facts and numbers associated with it. As if anyone cares!

Most of them never mention the one thing that will make or break your career in business. The one thing that will enable you to turn eyeballs, successfully bringing products to the marketplace. That one thing is marketing. Honestly, who want to know dry facts about a company? None?

Ok, who then want to know how to successfully market and sell awesome products? Products which are accompanied by a very lucrative business plan? Everyone? Think?

The Skill Of Marketing! (All Skills Can Be Learned)

It’s weird how neglected this area is, given how important marketing is to actually sell products. If you ask me, I am much more interested in how I actually can sell products and earn money, than knowing every bit and piece of information about a company or a product.

Jim Rohn, a business philosopher, mentor and close friend of Mark Hughes, always delivered his message in words you could understand. Jim knew that people remember stories, not facts. If you want to present an enticing opportunity to others when writing a Herbalife review, then tell a personal and compelling story. I used personal stories, humor and wits in a Herbalife review I did. It works, and you can read it by clicking here.

See, don’t give away facts upon facts to your prospects, because you’ll never manage to sell them on logic. You will however manage to sell them on feelings.

“Be brief on the logic and reason portion of your presentation. There are probably about a thousand facts about an automobile, but you don’t need them all to make a decision. About a half dozen will do.” — Jim Rohn

How To Place Your Business In Front Of Thousands

By using online marketing tools you can get lots of eyeballs turning your way. For instance, you can blog regularly and place your stories and presentations in front of thousands of potential customers with their credit card in hand. That literally means that you have the potential to reach out to millions of people!

Most Herbalife reviews don’t tell you that. Nevertheless, this is without doubt the single most important thing to get right when you want to succeed, whether you are a Herbalife distributor, an Amway distributor or if you have any other type of business from home. You have to place your business in front of hundreds and even thousands of people.

See, the only way to do that is to get educated; enroll in a online marketing class and start use proven marketing tools like blogs, capture pages, webinars services and email management systems.

Not to impress, but to press upon, I can tell from my own experience that online marketing systems have enabled me to sell products and recruit people without picking up the phone. No persuading. No dealing with objections. Just a proven system that works for me on autopilot.

I am not telling you it’s easy. Nor am I telling you it’s hard. Indeed, it does require some work on your end. The only way I am able to do what I do, is because I have the marketing figured out. Yes, I’ve done the work and reap the rewards. I’ve placed products, businesses and myself in front of lots of people everyday for a long time. The end results is a steady flow of sales.

Yup, when someone decide to buy or join a business of mine, I have a system that automatically sell products or let them into the team. Pretty pretty cool, huh?

Well, like it or not, but that is the true essence of an online business on autopilot! Again, please note that I do a lot of work and marketing on my computer to make these things happen. The beauty of the online systems I use is that I get paid on my initial work over and over. When your content is online it works for you 24/7 forever after, you know.

How To Make Money Online With The Herbalife Business Plan

The Herbalife business plan is too complicated to even begin covering in a single blogpost. Most Herbalife reviews that try to write about the compensation plan becomes a dry and drowsy read. Basically, what you need to know is that you get paid when you (or someone in your team) sell products. That’s pretty much how any compensation plan works for any direct selling company.

That’s about as much as I care to talk about it. The rest is covered in the training package that you receive if you should sign up as a distributor.

To become a distributor you have to buy an IBP, which is short for International Business Pack. This pack is priced differently from country to country. In the US, it’s less than 100 dollars as of this writing. I think it’s a pretty good deal to be able to start a business for less than 100 bucks. If you have any business experience, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you get a your IBP and learn how to market, you could turn that hundred dollar bill into thousands and create an extraordinary lifestyle for you and your family. You really just have to get the marketing right! I intentionally press upon this fact quite a bit stronger than what you ever have read in other Herbalife reviews. It really is the most important thing in your business.

Look at it this way, if you are a Herbalife distributor or thinking about becoming one: You are NOT a distributor, but a marketer. Having that little difference in mindset might just break or make your career in your home-based business! Reason is, it’s the marketing tools and skills that will create the lifestyle you dream about. Merely having access to great Herbalife products that work is not enough. Because, tell me, those shakes ain’t gonna sell themselves, are they?

Ok, so you might be online today reading Herbalife reviews to get the info you need to decide whether you should join the company or not. Well, I think you know the answer by now. Listem, I am not a Herbalife distributor, but I would gladly hook you up to work with my ex-wife who is one. But I won’t.

You see, it’s no point to get you going with your business, if you don’t first get educated on how to market yourself, the products and the business. Simply put, it’s the only way to get success in any type of home based business. If you are willing to learn and if you feel that this is something you want to pursue, I can send you a video to your email inbox. It will let into the loop on the marketing secrets of top income earners in this industry.

I love what Jim Rohn said about the next five years of your life. The next 5 years will pass no matter what you do. So, we can might as well work towards a future we want, instead of ending up somewhere by chance. Success can happen for you too, you know. But only if you work for it. And it all starts with knowing how to market.

By now you should use the box below, watch the video I send you and start dreaming about where you want to celebrate your 5th anniversary of your business startup. Seriously, where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now? Top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Penthouse of the Trumph Tower in New York? Or maybe on a big yacht in Monaco? Your dream. Your choice.



Disclaimer: When in business, you only get paid when products are sold. This takes effort, time and investment. Don’t believe that you will get success automatically, just because someone else is doing it. Do your due diligence and check the disclaimers of any company before you join.

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