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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

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Losing weight and switching to a healthier diet has become a growing worldwide trend, mostly because of a large number of obvious health problems found with obese people.

Still, many of us refuse to acknowledge the importance of taking good care of our bodies now, so that we can enjoy good health even in our old age. Switching to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you plan your meals and workouts carefully and be persistent, you can achieve your goals. Here are a couple of tips to help you plan your activities:

1. Make your kitchen a healthy one

Think about the food you eat every day. How much of it is full of additives, artificially saturated vegetable fats and similar things? All of the foodstuffs containing these items should be thrown away because they can’t be digested in your body like natural food can.

Artificial sweeteners may not have calories, but they stimulate unnecessary insulin production in your body, which can lead to diabetes. When you’ve gotten rid of all the garbage in your pantry, it is time to replace them with healthy food. Make a list of all the meals for the next week and buy everything you need to prepare them. The key to a healthy diet is to have prepared, or almost prepared meals in your fridge and freezer so you never reach out for a bag of potato chips when you feel hungry.

2. The pillars of a healthy diet

It is well known that we need protein to build our muscle tissue and that they can be found in meat, eggs and dairy products, but the influence of carbohydrates and fats on our bodies is still highly debated. Many nutritionists advise low fat consumption and getting most of your daily energy supply from carbohydrates, but is this actually good for us?

Although carbs are the basis of human diet, the way we consume them nowadays is far from good. Until 10.000 years ago, human diet consisted mostly out of fruits, vegetables, nuts and occasionally meat (after a successful hunt).

Today we eat much more meat, but we’ve also grown a habit of eating loads of white refined sugar and flour. In other words, we overload our bodies with unnecessary amounts of carbohydrates. Flour was introduced to us when agriculture emerged 10,000 years ago. Since that’s not a lot of time for evolution, our bodies are still shocked by the amounts of sugar and flour we intake. That is why today many people suffer from diabetes and many are gluten-intolerant.

To be able to lose weight while still eating normally, try to bring your dietary habits as close as you can to those of our Paleolithic ancestors. Fruits and vegetables should make the biggest part of your meals, followed by lean meat and instead of those industrial snacks; try to get used to nibbling walnuts or almonds. This way your daily amount of both carbs and fats will be well balanced.

3. Move your body

Some people say they hate all sorts of exercise and truly believe that a great diet should be enough to lose weight. Although it is true that eating habits are extremely influential on your weight issues, exercising will help you on a whole other level.

Even though you will lose pounds just by reducing and reforming your dietary habits, you will never have a fit body without working out. Being skinny but flabby is not very attractive, you’ll agree. Exercising helps you tighten up your body and it improves your overall health. If you don’t like working out, try something else that will keep you physically active. For instance, try cleaning your house more often.

Play your favorite music and start with dusting. If you try to do this twice a week, not only will your house look amazing but you’ll notice the change on your body as well. If you like children, offer to babysit your five-year-old cousin as often as you can. Kids are able to run around the house and backyard for hours and you’ll get plenty of exercise just by being their playmate.

Always bear in mind that a healthy diet and a proper workout are both necessary for losing weight and staying healthy. The changes you make should not be sudden, and it is advisable to change your habits gradually so that the transfer comes naturally and doesn’t affect other aspects of your everyday life.

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