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The Health Benefits of Skiing

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It is not often that you find an activity that you love doing and that’s also very good for your body. Skiing benefits the body in many ways and offers not only strength training, but cardiovascular exercise as well. As the ski season approaches, you will need to get in shape to be prepared to handle the extreme situations out on the slopes.

Below is a summary of some of the major health benefits you enjoy when you get out on the slopes regularly all winter long, and some of the types of exercise you need to get to prepare for the season.

  • Weight loss – Experts estimate that skiers can lose as much as five pounds after only a week on holiday skiing. Did you know that one day of skiing can result in your shedding as much as 3,000 calories? This is much more significant than a mere workout at the gym. You burn more calories when skiing down steeper slopes due to the fact that the body must exert more energy to stay balanced and in control.
  • Endurance – The cardiovascular exercise you acquire when you ski improves your endurance and leads to better overall health. Yet you need to prepare in advance to prevent yourself from having a rough time getting into the swing of things at the beginning of the season. You can engage in cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, and biking to prepare. While you could also get this type of exercise if you buy exercise equipment online once the season starts, skiing is a more enjoyable way. When you ski, your heart rate is elevated and your muscles can get more oxygen. While you are burning calories, your body is becoming more fit and accustomed to handling tougher and tougher exertion.
  • Strength – Just about every major muscle group in the body is worked when you ski. Skiing is so strenuous on your muscles that you might want to take some time to stretch beforehand, as you are likely to be sore the day after a strenuous ski outing. Additionally, you should stretch your muscles regularly and do some weight training in the weeks preceding the start of the ski season. Don’t assume that skiing only works your legs. It is also very hard on your abdominal muscles and your arms. You should avoid skiing immediately after lunch, as it helps the muscles if you ski when your body has had some time to digest.

Sometimes the winter time weather puts some obstacles up that prevent us from getting the exercise we need or making exercise less enjoyable. The chilling cold can inspire thoughts of Caribbean and desires to book trips to warmer climates. Fortunately, skiing is a possibility when it’s cold outside and there’s snow on the ground.

The next time you hit the slopes, keep your health and fitness in mind. You can ski to your heart’s content and enjoy the activity much more while knowing that you are providing your body with much needed exercise. Enjoy the winter by indulging in your favorite wintertime sport.

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