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Will You Have Better Sex When Drinking Guarana Antarctica?

The fruit changes its color from brown to red, and has black seeds inside partially covered by white arils. When the fruit splits open, it looks like an eyeball. Kinda cool, I think! :)

Mixing a teaspoon of guarana powder with a cup of cold water, and adding some agave nectar, and you will have yourself an instant cola drink. The taste of guarana is strongly pleasant when coupled with agave (or other natural sugary substances like stevia), but a bit bitter when consumed alone.

What Is Guarana Antarctica Good For?

For people who want to lose weight or athletes who wants to augment their physical performance, guarana capsules are often being used. Getting a dose of guarana extract is found to not only lessen physical fatigue, but mental fatigue as well.

Studies correlate taking guarana pills, or drinking a guarana concoction, to curing hypotension, chronic fatigue syndrome, malaria and dysentery. By the way, a guerana concoction does not include the popular brands of guarana sodas, like Guarana Jesus, Guarana Antarctica or Guarana Brazilia – as those are all having too much sugar.

Sure, a Guarana Antarctica tastes great and is an awesome drink with a quick energy kick. If you like it, you can safely enjoy a can from time to time, but don’t let me catch you drinking them on a daily basis! If you do, you can say goodbye to your weight loss goals, and other health benefits of taking the guarana herb. So, don’t do as Diego Maradona in this commercial:

Other uses has shown it to be effective in improving sexual desires, as a diuretic and as an astringent. Yup, people report an increase in libido and more frequent sex when having guarana in their diet. If the sex is better, I don’t know, but hey, at least it might be more frequent! :)

Lastly, because if its particular taste; in food industries, guarana extract has been used as a flavoring ingredient in drinks and candies.

What Are The Nutritional Content Of Guarana?

Guarana is an excellent source of caffeine, making up for 3 to 10% of its content. It also contains theophylline and theobromine, chemicals which are similar to caffeine, and makes up for about 1% of its content. Guarana also has tannins, total of 12% (catechin 5.98% and epicatechin 3.78%), which causes the caffeine in guarana to be released slowly, which again results in a longer-lasting effect. It also has trace amounts of timbonine.

Where To Buy Guarana Antarctica Online?

Looking for a real guarana kick, I’m sure you can get it locally in some health food store or maybe at the grocery store. If you love online shopping, like me, then check the obvious places for guarana; Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens or other reliable online stores you have good experience with.

Below I’ve listed a few guarana capsules, some guarana seed extract and the popular brand of guarana drink, Guarana Antartica. Sadly, I couldn’t find Guarana Jesus at Amazon, and I don’t know if this brand is sold online. But, Guarana Antarctica soda cans sure are and you’ll find them below.


Photo by Geoff Gallice | Creative Commons

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