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33 Conditions Goldenseal Root Can Help Treat. I Bet You Know People Who Need Help With #8!

If you’ve never seen it, the goldenseal root has a yellow, thick knotted rootstock in which the stem is pretty hairy-looking. Above the ground the color is purple,  and below the ground its color is yellow. This goldenseal herb has two palmate, hairy leaves with 5 to 7 two-toothed lobes.

It’s got singular, small, ordinary flowers with greenish-white stamens. In the summer, it will produce a single berry with 10 to 30 seeds. It has a recognizable, narcotic scent when it’s fresh. As it grows; it gains an odd sweet smell like that of a licorice root. It tastes very bitter with a thin opiate flavor, especially when dried freshly.

What Is Goldenseal Good For?

The goldenseal root herb is advised to be used for some respiratory tract infections such as the stuffy nose associated with common cold and hay fever. But, it is also used for digestive orders such as:

  • 1. gastric upset.
  • 2. gastroenteritis.
  • 3. ulcers.
  • 4. diarrhea.
  • 5. constipation.
  • 6. hemorrhoids.
  • 7. colitis.
  • 8. flatulence.
  • Goldenseal is also recommended for:
    • 9. urinary tract infections.
    • 10. hemorrhage.
    • 11. liver diseases.
    • 12. chronic fatigue syndrome.
    • 13. gonorrhea.
    • 14. fever.
    • 15. pneumonia.
    • 16. pertussis.
    • 17. malaria.
    • 18. anorexia.
    • 19. and some women use goldenseal root for menstrual cramping.
    • It is also applied topically for:
      • 20. skin ulcerations.
      • 21. rashes.
      • 22. itchiness.
      • 23. eczema.
      • 24. dandruff.
      • 25. ringworm.
      • 26. herpes lesions.
      • 27. cold sores.
      • 29. also, it can be used as a mouthwash for mouth sores and gingivitis.
        • Lastly, some people also use goldenseal root for:
        • 30. eye infections.
        • 31. tinnitus.
        • 32. temorary deafness.
        • 33. and earache.

What Is The Goldenseal Root’s Nutritional Content?

It contains berberine, a chemical which have a possible effect against fungi and bacteria. It can also decrease blood pressure, blood sugar and bad cholesterol, and can regulate irregular beating of the heart.

Where To Buy Goldenseal Then?

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy goldenseal root extract, Walmart, Walgreens and Amazon will surely have them in stock. Below are just a few of the products at Amazon that can give you the goldenseal benefits you need:

  • Gaia Herbs Echinacea Goldenseal Liquid Phyto-Capsules
  • NOW Foods Goldenseal Root


Photo by Forest Farming | Creative Commons

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