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Does the idea of having to fly leave you absolutely terrified? Don’t worry, it is a very common problem and happens to many people. However, a certain “TAKEOFF program” and these simple steps can help you to get rid of your fear of flying.


1. Step onto the Air Plane with knowledge:

Anxiety thrives on ignorance. We are mainly scared because of our lack of knowledge about the different control mechanisms of the plane. A lot of questions comes in our minds like ” What if the plane loses power in midair”, “What if the aircraft’s door suddenly opens”?. If you had done your research you would have known that a plan’s door is impossible to open because the pressure inside the airplane hull is much higher than the pressure outside, and even if the plane loses power then there is a lot of backup power available. Thus, if you are equipped with knowledge, it will significantly lower your fear of flying.

2. Pick the right seat:

Unless you are flying business class, the seat allocated to you will not offer much leg space. And for people who are afraid of flying, being in an enclosed space will make matters worse. So always try to pick a front row or back row seat. An aisle seat is also good as it gives you the feeling of extra space.

3. Expect air bumps:

The biggest nightmare for a fearful flyer is air-turbulence. You should remember that planes do not crash because of air bumps. It is perfectly normal and usually the pilot warns you beforehand about air-turbulence.

4. Expect unfamiliar sounds:

While on a flight, expect to hear a lot of unfamiliar sounds. Every machine makes some noise and it is perfectly normal. Thus, whenever you hear a peculiar noise expect it to be normal unless someone tells you otherwise.

5. Talk to the pilot before boarding:

If it is possible, speak to the pilot before boarding and inform him about your fear of flying. Pilots are very friendly and understanding and will spend several minutes explaining you the reason behind all those bumps and turbulence. It is always comforting to hear from the pilot.

6.Find ways to make the trip seem shorter:

If you just sit and worry, every minute will feel like an hour, so indulge in your favorite time-killing activities like watching a movie or reading a book. It will deviate your mind and make you feel better.

7. Pick calm routes:

As said earlier, air bumps are perfectly normal and happens every time. However, if you are still afraid, you can check which routes historically have less bumps and select accordingly.


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