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Get Into Your Party Dress With Pilates

Get Into Your Party Dress With Pilates

Get Into Your Party Dress With Pilates
If you’ve over-indulged at Christmas, you may be struggling to fit into your favourite party dress! But what is it they say, ladies? A new year, a new start – and with January’s resolution-fuelled optimism comes that impulsive yet predictable subscription to the local gym.

Fitness centres traditionally struggle to cater for the influx of members who sign up on a post-Christmas health kick and who have vowed to get into shape ready for the summer. Typically, though, many of these new members give up on their new exercise routine after just a few weeks. They may begin a New Year fitness plan with the very best intentions, but it’s often difficult to keep the momentum going, especially if they’re not reaching their fitness goals as quickly as they’d like.

If tying yourself to a treadmill doesn’t sound appealing, read on to find out more about the slimming benefits of Pilates and how it can be incorporated into your fitness regime.

How Pilates Has Grown In Popularity

Developed and promoted by gymnast Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates was originally designed for men but has become a hugely popular workout programme for ladies looking to improve their all-round fitness and well-being  Why? Well, Pilates doesn’t just focus on calorie consumption – it promotes an inner strength that is the key to better physical performance.

How Can Pilates Help Me Achieve A Leaner Figure?

Many of us are unhappy with a particular part of our body. For most women, our bums, tums, hips or thighs leave us feeling insecure and we may find it difficult to melt fat from the areas we hate the most. Bear in mind there’s no quick fix here and that Pilates, like any exercise, won’t help you lose weight from a particular area of your body. Only the age-old ‘eat less, move more’ mantra is going to help you drop the pounds. However, the Pilates programme has a number of benefits that can aid slimming and most people find that attending classes regularly leaves them looking and feeling leaner and much more toned.

  • Above all else, Pilates strengthens your core and will condition and lengthen your abdominal muscles. Over time, regular core stabilization exercises can lead to a flatter, firmer stomach – something I know many of us yearn for!
  • The program works several different muscle groups simultaneously, meaning each session will provide you with an all-body workout. Rather than inadvertently spending too much time focusing on one area, you’ll benefit from a well-rounded routine that’ll leave you feeling strong, revitalized and prepared for more intense exercise.
  • Over the course of a few sessions, Pilates will train your postural muscles to provide more support for your spine, which in turn encourages better back health.
  • Pilates promotes better alignment and will, over time, improve your posture. Every girl knows that standing up straight streamlines the body and makes you appear slimmer, so you will naturally feel taller and leaner once your body learns to align itself properly!
  • If you have poor mobility or find it difficult to follow high-impact exercises due to weak or painful joints, you’ll still be able to benefit from Pilates. As long as you’re taught by a qualified instructor who is able to tailor a programme to your specific needs, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise without any pain or discomfort. Ultimately, Pilates can be as gentle or as challenging as you can bear.

Pilates shouldn’t be considered an alternative to aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling or swimming, but can improve your physical endurance by conditioning your muscles to perform more efficiently. Aside from these obvious benefits, it will also focus on improving your mental well-being so you feel better prepared for the challenges of weight loss. Aim to attend at least one Pilates session a week for the best results!

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