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Eating Healthy – Don’t Stop Indulging This Summer

Summer healthy eating infographic

Eating Healthy in the Summer

Summer is just around the corner which means one thing; it is officially picnic and BBQ season! Friends, family, fun, and most importantly food! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to stick to celery and carrot sticks to make sure you don’t pile on the pounds. By choosing the options that aren’t as calorie heavy as your normal choices you could keep your beach body in check whilst enjoying the food you love.

The infographic shows some great examples of BBQ and picnic favorites such as cheeseburgers. If you opt for a chicken fillet burger rather than a ¼ pounder cheeseburger you can save 302 calories! You can still have a burger but with a healthier filling which will definitely taste just as delicious, without being so harsh on your waistline.

Another favourite is ice-cream. Rather than a classic magnum, which is 260 calories, choosing a fruit one, such as Solero you will saving 166 calories as the Solero comes in at only 94 calories.

Let’s not skip drinks, they’re usually overlooked when it comes to calorie counting but a pint of cider has 239 calories whereas a unit of gin and tonic only has 89 calories – which is exactly 150 calories less than the cider (you still need to drink responsibly though).

Check out the infographic for more swapping options and plan your next picnic basket with the options that have fewer calories, you will not be compromising on taste – only calories!

Eating healthy in the summer infographic

Data and graphic by Kitchen Appliance Centre.

3 thoughts on “Eating Healthy – Don’t Stop Indulging This Summer

  1. Me too – will need to print this out and take with me this summer :)

  2. thats a really useful infographic! Especially since I got most of them wrong!!!

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