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December 2014 – My Fitness Progress Report

divorced and fat

On a monthly basis, you’ll get a report from me about my fitness progress and vital measurements, letting you stay in the loop on how I get maximum impact with minimal effort.

This is a way for me to keep track of my own progress, as well as a way to openly inspire and keep people in the know about how super fitness is achieved. I research what works and what not, by walking the walk, taking the lead and teach by doing. Not just by telling.

You’ll get in-depth insight of my fitness progress (or downfalls) towards any goal I set for myself. It may sound like my life revolve around fitness, but it’s not. As a busy dad I’m all about spending the least amount of time and effort to get the maximum fitness result.

Do you wonder why I do this? Why I care about publishing my own results online?

Well, keep in mind that my goal is to inspire and teach others about fitness and health. Now, how do people evaluate if an investment is good or not? Say, in the stock market? They look at the numbers shared by companies, and get an idea if to invest or not.

So, I asked myself: “How can I help my readers evaluate if what I advice them to do is good or not?”

I think the best way to convey that what I do is good for your health, is by showing how it works for me in these fitness reports. It’s only fair to do so, sharing this with you, if you are to consume content on my blog and follow my advice, so to speak; invest your time with me.

A lot of people today think having great fitness is only for a select few. While others seem to believe that they can turn around and get super fit in a couple of weeks, if they only jump on the secret loophole like ads often will have you believe. But none of these beliefs hold any truth.

Getting great health and fitness is not something you do overnight. There are no loophole discovered by Chinese scientists that will give you what you want tomorrow. And fitness isn’t only for a select lucky ones either, with good genes and insane work ethics. No, fitness is for everyone, also for busy dads over 35!

And that is a big reason why this blog exists.

Fitness is a continues journey, where steady effort over time will let you arrive to your goal. There are many routes to any given destiny, and with me you can find out if bodyweight workouts and clean eating can bring super health and fitness. I’m sharing the how and the results in these reports. Sounds good, huh?

Believe me, I fail all the time. But through consistent effort and by always keeping my eyes on target, I manage to stay on track, closing in the gap between me and my goals a little bit more every day. So will you when you do things right! Check out my fitness resource page to find what I use to do things right.


Here Is The Fitness Report For The Past 3 Months

Since last time I published a fitness report I’ve gotten myself a freakin’ divorce…

And as I’ve been taking a long pause from just about everything in my life, this report is way overdue and therefore a pile-up of the last three months! Yeah, it takes time and effort to process the breakup of a 12 year old marriage. And yup, I went on a huge binge as soon as I moved out of the house!

I ate foods that I normally don’t and I loved it. Processed foods like frozen pizzas, burgers, coke, cows milk (and other pasteurized dairy products), chocolate and various candy. Actually pretty much a Standard American Diet (or SAD diet).

It was great. Until I during Christmas started feeling the consequences of my actions. Weight gain, headaches, migraine, tiredness, irritability, dizziness, and loss of quality sleep or deep sleep.

I needed to refocus and get healthy. You know, it’s when you get sick you get aware of the importance of health.

I’ve managed to clean up my diet again, with the help of Yuri Elkaim and Tony Robbins, two people I always turn to when in need of focused actions.

I’ve been detoxing, getting my PH-level balanced to where it needs to be. If only more people understood the importance of keeping the correct alkalinity!

It works wonders. My headaches are gone. I’m in a great mood (as far as you can be when recently having had a divorce). I’m getting my quality beauty sleep again, and I’m starting to enjoy my new life and social status.

The numbers for this report isn’t great. I’ve increased my fat percentage noticeably. And sure enough, I’ve lost quite a bit of strength, stamina and flexibility.

Back on track, detoxed with my clean eating, I’m aiming to see some very good numbers by next month.


Weight: 81,1 kg or 178 pounds (+ 1,8 kg)

Fat Percentage: 20,8% (+5.9%)

Strength & Endurance

Strict push-ups: 33 (-19 since September)

Strict pull-ups (no kipping): 5 (-3 since September)

200 meter offroad run: Not measured

800 meter offroad run: Not measured

Building Base Fitness

The main thing now is to get back an acceptable base fitness. I need to regain my habit of working out. I do this by making green smoothies every morning, juicing vegetables throughout the day and eat a vegan dinner just about every night. With the needed energy I have no problem working out, and an PH-friendly diet is the way to go for me.

If you’ve read previous reports, you know I have a back pain history. Well, it’s still something I struggle with, but with proper exercises and lots of stretching I will make sure to handle it very well this time around.

Workouts And Nutrition Restarted:

Freeletics (for building strenght, endurance and losing fat).

Eating For Energy (for detox, energy, recovery and regeneration).

Eat Stop Eat (for losing fat and growing muscle).


In the last report I talked about having a positive attitude, “no matter what life throws at you”… I couldn’t have timed my own advice any better! Yeah, I went on a binge and said no to serious workouts for while. But know what? I could have been at a sooo much darker place right now if it wasn’t for my hard-earned habitual positive attitude towards life.

I’m imperfect. I fail. I make wrong choices and I fall into erroneousness patterns sometimes. Heck, I did just get a divorce! But, having a certain kind of attitude/philosophy seems to pick me up and send me in the right direction – every time I fail. Even when I’ve hit rock bottom and get divorced!

I don’t look at my failures merely as negative happenings. I see them as positive experiences that help course correct me towards a brigther future.

To learn more about successful habits and patterns to greatness, visit Quanta and learn about their success program. It’s one of the best places to grow into the person you know you can be.


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