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Cranberry Pills Are More Than Just Effective Boosters For Your Immune System

cranberry pills

The tiny scarlet berries that are found in huge, sandy bogs on low, trailing vines, growing wild in Northern Europe and in the northern parts of North America – they have raw health benefits when consumed as cranberry pills!

cranberry pills

Over the years, researchers believed that the ability of cranberries and cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infections or UTIs, was partly related to the strong acidity of the cranberries. However, recent studies has shown that it’s not the acidity of the cranberries, but rather the unusual nature of their proanthocyanidins (or PACs for short, which are compounds related to UTI treatment).

What Else Are Cranberry Pills Good For?

The essence of modern research is that cranberry pills can be good for you! I say cranberry pills because I like the convenience of taking supplements, but people consume it in all different ways, for instance as:

  • cranberry salad.
  • cranberry juice.
  • cranberry bread.
  • cranberry chutney.
  • cranberry pie.
  • cranberry scones.

The list goes on, but personally I like the time-saving solution of taking cranberry pills. Other health benefits of consuming cranberries can include prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function and decreased blood pressure.

And you might have heard about doing a cranberry juice detox? Indeed, the cranberry juice benefits are many, and a detox is another example of how people get their dose of these berries to reap all the said benefits.

What Are Cranberries Nutritional Content?

Cranberries have moderate levels of:

  • vitamin C.
  • dietary fiber.
  • the essential dietary mineral, manganese.
  • as well as tiny amounts of other essential micronutrients.

Also, cranberries are an abundant source of flavonoids such as proanthocyanidins, flavonols and quercetin.

Cranberry Pills Available At Amazon

Even though I’m a superfood/rawfood nutritionist, I like taking supplements and extracts. Think about it, don’t you too find it way more convenient than implementing a certain type of food into your diet each and every day?

If you suffer from a urinary tract infection, than it would be wise to start taking some a cranberry supplement today. To increase the effect from using cranberry pills, you are recommended to couple them with a D-Mannose supplement. Here are some of the available D-Mannose and cranberry pills found on Amazon:

  • Only Natural Organic Cranberry Concentrate.
  • Amerifit Nutrition AZO Cranberry Supplement – taking these AZO cranberry tablets regularly helps maintain a healthy urinary tract.
  • Source Naturals D-Mannose 500mg, 120 Capsule

Cranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs which are low, creeping shrubs or vines up to 7 feet (2 meters) long, ranging from 2 to 8 inches (5 to 20 centimeters) in height. It has slender, wiry stems (not very thickly woody) with small evergreen leaves. The flowers of cranberries are dark pink with very distinct reflexed petals. The fruit of the berry plant is larger than its leaves. It has an acidic taste that can overwhelm its sweetness.

Photo by Andrew Morrell | Creative Commons

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