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Conquering Anxiety through Diet and Exercise

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Anxiety is a tough customer that often would bring danger to the health. Millions of people suffer from anxiety as it is the most common mental health threat. When you are anxious the last thing that you think of doing perhaps is to increase physical activity and even eat sensibly.

Exercise is god-sent as it has been effective in improving a lot of health problems ranging from obesity, diabetes and even arthritis. Research shows that exercise and proper diet can improve mood and ultimately help people cope well with anxiety. Let us take a look on how physical activity and healthy eating can lead to a happier and more contented life.

Exercise can produce feel-good chemicals

One of the problems of people that are anxious is the lack of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that can make the mood elevated. Exercise can help as it coaxes the brain to produce the needed serotonin which is often lacking in people that are feeling the blues.

The brain produces sedative-like chemicals when we workout. This chemical can be converted into serotonin which makes the mood lighter and melt the presence of stress hormones. In effect, exercise can generate chemicals that can make any stressed out person feeling better.

Never take out carbohydrates completely

While carbohydrates bear the dread of dieters as something that can make the blood sugar spike and also contribute to weight gain, it is not that all bad. In fact, the brain may need some carbohydrate loving. You see tryptophan is the basic ingredient that the body needs to have to make serotonin. But if you don’t have enough carbohydrates it may cause the brain chemistry to go haywire.

Instead of completely avoiding carbohydrates the trick is to find the good ones. Complex carbohydrates usually coming from whole-grains which are the best type of carbohydrates since they are less likely to start a blood sugar spike and at the same time help the brain produce lots of serotonin.

Get some proteins inside your body

Proteins are great because they are the primary producers of tryptophan. Picking the right proteins that don’t have dangerous fatty content can help people get over the ill effects of anxiety and live better. Fish, turkey, chicken, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, eggs and beans are rich sources of tryptophan. But you also need to have some magnesium and potassium in your diet.

The trick is to get all of the nutrients from the food you eat and if you are not getting enough then that is the time to consider taking supplement with your doctor’s approval of course.

Get some good fat for better mood

Hormones need to have some fat to help you to feel better and keep your mood elevated. That is why you need to identify which are the good fats that you should be having. Fats have earned a dubious reputation for so long. What people failed to understand is that while fats may be bad for the health there are kinds of fats that can help the body without inflicting any harm.

Try to avoid saturated and trans fat as these kinds of fat can increase the bad cholesterol level in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids which are normally found in fish together with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat are the ones that can help people get over the blues.

Get some workout to bust the stress

Stress hormones try to mess up with the body’s chemistry by storing sugar so it can be used by the body for its “fight or flee” response. This could lead people to get fatter and cause numerous health problems. Exercise makes the stress hormones disappear by burning them. The formula is simple- no stress hormones no stress, no stress no worries.

Never indulge in unhealthy comfort food

When people are anxious they often resort to binge eating. Comfort food are usually sugary ones and unhealthy. Try to avoid binge eating by avoiding fast food and other unhealthy food choices which will only make the situation worse and will never solve any anxiety problems.

The links between exercise and diet are not entirely clear. But the writing is on the wall and it is definite that it works. Working out and eating the right kind of foods can help people relax and have a good mood. There is no reason for people to doubt the ability of both diet and exercise because they have been proven time and again to really work to ease the blues out.

Ryan Rivera used to be an anxiety-sufferer for many years. Now he spends most of his time writing and giving his readers with helpful tips to conquer anxiety naturally.

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