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Campho Phenique – Fighting Herpes Armed With Camphor Oil

campho phenique

What Can Campho Phenique Do For You?

That is, apart from making you laugh from this old commercial here (the video is further down the page):

campho phenique

Campho Phenique is a small blend of different herbs and compounds, topically applied for treating (as well as a pain relief) cold sores, scrapes and small cuts, sunburn, minor burns and to get rid of itching from insect bites like that darn mosquito. Still, camphor oil in its pure form is so much more. Very much more. It’s one of those effective stimulants that boost the activity of your:

  • circulatory system.
  • metabolism.
  • digestion.
  • secretion.
  • and excretion.

It also has an antiseptic property, making it an excellent disinfectant, insecticide, and germicide. It’s mostly used in ointments and lotions to help deal with certain skin diseases, which has proven to be quite effective. This is something Campho Phenique found to be very true, and it’s why they have chosen camphor oil in their products and even their brand name.

From the various Campho Phenique reviews that I’ve read, people are highly satisfied with this brand and has been for many years. Which reminds me, take a look at this funny Campho Phenique commercial from 1989:

Anyway, the cooling and penetrating effects of the camphor oil make it very effective as an anti-inflammatory and sedative agent. Yup, that’s right, it’s excellent in alleviating inflammation both internally and externally. It has a narcotic effect that desensitizes the nerves and relaxes the brain, probably a contributing factor to why some use camphor oil for ear infections.

The smell of camphor oil is somewhat addictive, and I personally know elderly people who love to have the smell of camphor around them. With the strong, penetrating aroma of camphor oil, it is also an excellent decongestant. It relieves congestion in the bronchi, larynx, pharynx, nasal tracts and lungs.

What Is Camphor Oil?

Camphor oil is the extract of camphor trees. It is not meant to be eaten, but it is sometimes used in sweets and desserts. Its main use is as a topical rub. Cinnamonum Camphora is the scientific name from which camphor is extracted, and you can watch this video on how to identify the Camphor tree here:

It’ a waxy flammable, white or transparent solid at its eutectic temperature. As said, the oil from the tree has a cool, penetrating and lasting aroma. Yes, as already pointed out, camphor has a strong aromatic odor, which older people just seem to love :) The trees are found in the woods of camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree found in Asia particularly in Sumatra, Borneo, and Taiwan.

What Are Camphor Oils Nutritional Content?

You can typically find the following in camphor oil products:

  • eucalyptol.
  • alpha-terpinene.
  • borneol.
  • camphor.
  • carvacrol.
  • caryophyllene.
  • citronellol.
  • eugenol.
  • geraniol.
  • kaempferol.
  • limonene.
  • p-cymene.
  • safrole
  • and vanillin.

Where To Buy Camphor Oil?

Products that contain Camphor Oil ranges from essential oil, creams and suppressant rub. If you want to know where to buy camphor oil, no matter if you need some sweet oil for an ear infection or for cold sores, there is a wide selection available over at Amazon. Among them is the well-known brand Campho Phenique, with its yellow boxed product line. Other Camphor oil products include:

  • Eucalyptus Oil Cream with Camphor Oil and Vitamin E – which has a unique formula that relieves muscular pain while moisturizing skin.
  • J.R. Watkins: Menthol Camphor Medicated Cough Suppressant Rub – that has a cooling, soothing menthol and camphor effect.
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