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Body Fat Analyzer Tanita BC545 Helps Me Lose Weight

body fat analyzer

body fat analyzerHave you ever tried a body fat analyzer?

I’ve done a lot of them with my Tanita BC545 and it’s pretty interesting to keep track of my vital measurements this way.

When I work out and keep a good diet to get in better shape, I like to see the numbers that prove the effect of my efforts.

A Body Fat Analyzer Will Boost Your Motivation

Having actual number that prove you are reducing your body fat percentage and increasing your muscle mass is a great motivator! And if I find myself at a plateau I can test different foods and alternative exercises, quickly finding out if my new approach works by using the body fat analyzer.

When I live healthy, exercising and eating sensible, I’m usually at a fat percentage of 10. I make it a goal of mine to not get too far above that. Using a body fat analyzer reguarly makes sure I stay on track more easily. Needless to say, I love my old Tanita BC545!

Want To Watch The Editor Use His Body Fat Analyzer?

You’re welcome to follow me, the editor of this blog, use my body fat analyzer in the near future. I’m analyzing my vital measurements frequently these days. I’m doing some interesting things with my fitness, and would like to share more about it.

I’ll be happy to let you in on what I’m doing to get the results I get and discuss with you what I do to constantly improve my fitness. Remember to subscribe to our Healthy Living Online newsletter. It will help you keep in the loop, as we will notify you when we share things we think you want and need to see. Like me scanning my body to find my fat percentage! Sounds good? :)

Now granted, I’ve pretty much just started to work out again after having let myself go for quite too long. I more or less do workouts only using my bodyweight. It works much better than I expected, and this is a work out program I easily can do at home as well. That is important to me as I run a business, got three kids and wife working her own career. Yup, it is not that easy to just go to the gym when I feel like it!

If you want a Tanita Innerscan yourself, then I recommend checking them out on Amazon or something. They might not call it the Tanita BC545 anymore, as that one is an old model. The new one is named Tanita BC558. I truly believe you’ll love using a body fat analyzer of your own. It really is a boost for your motivation, and it’s a real good tool to track your journey towards your health goals.

If you’re a personal coach or work in the wellness industry, these Tanita scanners are great tools to have. My wife runs her own business in the health supplement industry and she uses the body fat analyzer as a part of that business. Her clients love it!

Below you will see some different types of body fat analyzers from Tanita. It’s an earlier model of the BC558 I have. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but for me it’s worth every penny.


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