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5 Best Chest Workout Exercises Ever

best chest workout
best chest workout
photo by Teecycle Tim | Creative Commons license

Being someone who takes care of myself, having visual evidence of being fit, I sometimes get asked what the best chest workout is.

I get it, most people are sick and tired of not achieving the results they want in their training regime, and if that applies to you and your workouts, then you’re at the right place.

I will show you today how to achieve better results in you chest workouts. I honestly think that this is the best chest workout. I have first hand experience with it, and know that it truly is a solution to get the best looking pecs on the beach.

Build Your Chest By Using The Best Chest Workout

Some years back I surfed the web for the best chest workout, just like you are doing right now. I was trying to find out how to reach my fitness goals, including how to do my chest exercises. Well, I found a system that helped me reach my goals easier then anything else I had tried.

I realized that it wasn’t because of my genetics that I had a hard time building muscle mass, but because of the mainstream training systems everyone uses. It pissed me off how much bad information I was taught over the years on how to get fit.

It turns out that mainstream workouts seldom allow you to reach your goals! Think about it, if it was that easy to get in great shape, how come so darn few of the population reach their health goals then?

There is more to the human body than simply “eating healthy” and “getting a little exercise”. I repeat, mainstream fitness programs do not work as they should, and I am sure you know that since you’re here looking for the best chest workout.

The Best Chest Workout Creates Muscular Turbulence

Proven by science and endorsed by fitness experts and magazines you can create what is called turbulence in the muscles by following some specific guidelines.

Did you want a chest workout for mass? No problem. Follow these body weight chest exercises that is taught in the video by Craig Ballentyne

I know this is what you want if you’re serious about gaining that massive chest. I’ll never look back after incorporating these workout principles to my training regime, and I am totally confident that you will love it too.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a look, try it out for a few times and see if you also think that this is the best chest workout.

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