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Bergamot Oil Might Just Turn That Depressed Frown Into A Smile

Yes, the components Alpha Pinene and Limonene are antidepressant and stimulating in nature. It improves blood circulation that creates a feeling of joy, freshness and energy that helps fight depression and sadness. It can be a very powerful oil indeed, used for many reasons. Yup, some even use bergamot oil for acne and other skin problems – and it is often reported to work!

What Is Bergamot Oil?

The bergamot herb is actually a citrus fruit, the orange, whose rind is used for extracting the bergamot essential oil.

Citrus Aurantium or Citrus Bergamia is the scientific name of the plant that brings us bergamot oil. It is a tropical plant, but thrives in Europe as well. The powerful aroma it produces is a popular component for many perfumes. Bergamot essential oil is a major component of the original Eau de Cologne that was composed by Farina during the 18th century in Germany.

Antibiotic and disinfectant properties are among the many features the bergamot oil possesses. They inhibit the growth of germs, virus and fungi. It is also an effective analgesic that reduces pain in the body which is very helpful in cases of headaches, sprains and muscle aches.

What about tea? Sure, extract from the “bergamot tea plant” is a popular ingredient for our hot beverages. The term “Earl Grey” has been applied to black teas that contain bergamot essential oil as flavorings. So yes, you’ve probably have had bergamot oil in tea sometime in your life.

What Are Its Nutritional Content?

The bergamot oil chemical composition includes:

  • Alpha Pinene.
  • Alpha Bergaptnen.
  • Alpha Terpineol.
  • Limonene.
  • Linalool.
  • Linalyl Acetate.
  • Nerol.
  • Neryl Acetate.
  • Beta Bisabolene.
  • Geraniol.
  • Geraniol Acetate.
  • and Myrcene.

Bergamot Oil Available In Amazon

The properties within bergamot oil creates a variety of therapeutic uses. There are a number of products available online. For instance, if you’re looking for bergamot oil, Amazon has a great selection, both as tea and pure oils:

  • Now Foods Bergamot Oil – for aromatherapy use that can be uplifting and inspiring when used.
  • Natures Greatest Secret – Soothing Bergamot Oil – that has naturally antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing.
  • Premium Bergamot Oil – that contains 100% of pure Bergamot Oil used externally.


Photos by Maja Dumat | Creative Commons

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