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8 Uses Of Arnica Pills And Helenalin. #1 Is Great For Heroes!

Helenalin can be dangerous, but Arnica pills are commonly used by the practitioners of homeopathic medicine!


It’s often used as treatment of arthritis and infections, as well as to promote the general healing process. The species of the arnica plant Arnica Montana is native to Europe and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

The Arnica Root

Thymol derivatives found in the roots of the plant have been found to be effective as preservatives and fungicides. These derivatives have also been clinically determined to be effective as vasodilators of subcutaneous blood capillaries.

This healing plant is used in ointment and liniment preparations that are used for treating bruises, sprains and strains, and Arnica preparations are therefore commonly used by professional athletes.

A study that was conducted to determine the wound healing property of Arnica following a surgery. The was to treat varicose veins. They found that the patients treated with arnica preparations experienced reduction hematoma and pain after the surgery. Nice, huh?

The Arnica Flower

Apart from the root, Arnica flowers are also used in the manufacture of therapeutic products. The Arnica plant is also known by the name leopard’s bane and is capable of adapting to different climatic conditions. The mature arnica plants bear small flowers that are yellow in color.

Research studies indicate that the flower is rich in antioxidants, bio flavonoids and many other ingredients that contribute to therapeutic effect.

Some of the therapeutic uses of arnica pills are as follows:

  1. Prescribed for pain relief and also for reducing the healing time of muscle sprains, injuries, etc.
  2. Used instead of traditional medications such as ibuprofen in the treatment of arthritis.
  3. Found to be effective in the treatment of rashes, insect bites, and skin irritation problems.
  4. In order to overcome labor pain and reducing pain during delivery they are used in low dosage.
  5. Patients suffering from bursitis are prescribed these pills for pain relief.
  6. Effective in preventing and treating infectious diseases.
  7. Prescribed by some doctors before and after a surgery as a pain reliever.
  8. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine also use these pills as treatment to reduce skin tissue scars.

Arnica pills contain active ingredients such as sesquiterpene lactones (helenalin) and flavonoids that are believed to boost the immune system through stimulation of white blood cells (WBCs) production.

Beware Of The Toxic Helenalin!

The use of Arnica can have side effects, as we talked about in this recent post!

You see, Helenalin can be poisonous if large amounts are ingested. It can lead to gastroenteritis and internal bleeding of the digestive tract. Contact with the herb is also seen to cause irritation of the skin. But, homeopathic preparations of arnica pills that contain the toxin helenalin in negligible amounts are NOT poisonous.

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The reported side effects of arnica pills include nausea, skin disorders, vomiting, discomfort of the stomach, and bowel movement irregularities. Arnica pellets taken along with pain relievers and anticoagulants can increase the risk of bleeding. The pills that have very high concentrations of the above active ingredients can cause complications and even organ damage.

Some of the aspects that are to be kept in mind when using arnica pills are:

  • Arnica pills have to be taken as per the dosage and duration prescribed and under the supervision of an experienced homeopathic medicine practitioner.
  • Arnica pills have to be purchased only from reputed manufacturers.

Studies On Beneficial Effects Of The Arnica Montana Herb

Lets look at a study of the effects of arnica pills on 29 patients who underwent face-lift surgery. A rather unpleasant experience I would think, but you see, it was shown that Arnica pills helped to lessen the severity of the bruises. Bruises on patients who were put on Arnica pills from the day of the surgery appeared smaller, specifically on the day after surgery and even one week later.

The pattern in bruise healing was also seen to be different. On the other hand, bruises of patients who were treated with placebo tended towards worsening before improving.

In an efficacy study (randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled pilot trial) of Arnica in varicose vein surgery, patients were given Arnica pills from the day before the surgery for two weeks. Whereas it was noticed that patients who were given pills experienced reduction of pain and hematoma. Listen to this guys experience on this:

Summarizing, Arnica pills are being used to deal with pain symptoms, skin problems, muscle strain, inflammation and infections. In order to derive the beneficial effects and avoid side effects, it is important to take right doses of this homeopathic medication.

The recommended dosage varies from patient to patient. It all depends on your health condition and the approach adopted by your homeopathic medicine practitioner, if you have one. The safe duration for which Arnica pills can be administered in right doses is determined to be two weeks, but you’ll get more information along with the product, should you order it on Amazon for instance.

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