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10 Arnica Gel Side Effects You Don’t Want To Experience!

Some people are rightfully concerned about side effects, so following up on yesterdays post about Arnica, I thought it be a good idea to warn about the Arnica gel side effects.

arnica gel side effects

Arnica gel is a non sticky, non greasy herbal extract made from freshly collected Arnica Montana. This is a flowering plant and a genus of the sunflower family. It is indigenous to the western parts of North America and has been used for its medicinal purposes for centuries.

It is in fact used in many homeopathic formulations, and it can as such be taken in the form of homeopathic pills or tea – without any need of worrying about side effects. Ok, we’ve already talked about Arnica in its herbal form as gels, ointments, creams or as liquids. What you need to know is that it is only in its homeopathic form that arnica can be ingested.

Yup, as a homeopathic pill or as a tea, it is safe to use.

To reiterate, some of the benefits of the therapeutic and medicinal uses of arnica gel are as follows:

  • Used as a remedy for soreness.
  • Relieves pain such as muscle aches, pains and stiffness associated with rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Relieve sprains and traumatic injuries.
  • Provides relief from bruising, especially during post operative care.
  • Contains organic chemicals that help to treat bacterial infections, sunburn and skin disorders and infections.
  • Provides relief from insect bites, eczema, chapped lips and irritated nostrils.
  • Fast-acting relief from pain and reduces swelling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Due to the arnica gel side effects that people have experienced, it has been recommended to avoid using concentrated forms of arnica especially near the eyes, nose and mouth or on broken skin as it may be absorbed into the bloodstream. Arnica gel is meant only for topical use to avoid any arnica gel side effects.

Depending on individual reactions when used topically, arnica gel side effects range from itching to skin rashes, dry skin and dermatitis. Skin irritation, swelling and discoloration may occur after repeated use.

However, if taken orally, it can cause many complications.

Doctors’ caution against ingestion of arnica gel as it can cause various conditions, such as:

  1. allergic reactions.
  2. severe inflammation.
  3. blisters.
  4. stomach ailments.
  5. nausea.
  6. vomiting.
  7. diarrhea.
  8. muscle weakness.
  9. rapid heartbeat.
  10. coma and even death when taken in concentrated form.

Arnica gel side effects include reducing the effect of other medications taken, especially those drugs prescribed for blood thinning and high blood pressure.

Despite the many arnica gel side effects listed above, we find that the problem starts when it is ingested. The obvious take-away here is; Do NOT eat Arnica gel, cream, paste, or any other form of it meant for topical use. ;)

Arnica Gel for Bruises and Swellings

Arnica gel is easily available over the counter and needs no prescription:


When applied on bruises and swellings, the gel stimulates blood circulation in the affected parts, accelerates the body’s natural healing power, has a soothing and cooling effect on the area and removes bruises and skin discolorations rapidly. It can be used on any skin type without considering the arnica gel side effects.

Arnica Gel for Pain Relief and Anti Inflammatory Properties

Continuous pain in parts of the body can be very agonizing and Arnica gel can really help you with pain relief.

Regardless of the arnica gel side effects, the way it addresses pain relief is natural, effective and safe. You should honestly consider using it, instead of allopathic pain relief drugs available in the pharmacies that may cause gastrointestinal disorders, liver toxicity, acidity and internal bleeding. Check what this doctor has to say about those:

The helenalin content in arnica gel which is an anti inflammatory lactone, inhibits the pain causing factor from getting activated in the cells and stops the production of negative acids. This helps in cutting the pain off at the starting stage.

It provides relief from chronic pains, long term arthritic pains, and severe back and joint pains. It is also useful in emergencies such as sprains, cramps or strains. When the application is in the right form and proportion, the arnica gel side effects are minimized.

Arnica gel addresses muscle aches, back pains, arthritic and joint pains, leg and knee pain, neck and shoulder ailments, relief from tendonitis, post operative surgery pains, headaches, pain on herniated discs, pelvic pains, cramps, sports injuries, etc. In the face of near-zero arnica gel side effects when applied, it offers a natural solution to pain occurrence.

Natural and herbal products are nature’s way of supplying us with cures for ailments that have been created due to an imbalance within our bodies or in our environments. Notwithstanding the arnica gel side effects, we see that the benefits experienced by people who have used this gel are many and the reviews on the internet help us to find the right source and brand that can be of help to us.

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