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The Best Appetite Stimulant To Gain Weight

appetite stimulant

What you really need is a good appetite stimulant, but instead you’re bombarded with another commercial message throughout the day, feeling a bit annoyed…

appetite stimulant

You know what I’m referring to, those damn ads that tell you about the latest weight loss product. And it frustrates you. Because losing weight is not what you need! Yup, all the rage these days is about people trying to lose weight, thus there are a lot of weight loss products all around.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to have a single day without experiencing a weight loss commercial or advertisement. However, there is a big group of people who are trying desperately to gain weight. Not lose it! Everyone has an ideal weight, according to their height and performance goals. Meaning; overweight people must trim down and underweight people must size up.

Reasons for having a hard time gaining weight are many, and often somewhat complicated. But no matter what your reason is, a big factor that will contribute on a large scale to your weight gain is your ability to eat enough (and proper) calories. You might think you’re eating enough calories and that you keep a healthy diet. But if you’re underweight, chances are you’re not.

And the best way to gain weight for people who don’t eat enough is to start using an appetite stimulant.  So let’s dig in together, and learn more about how to gain weight and the best appetite stimulants that are available right now…

Who Should Consider Using An Appetite Stimulant?

As mentioned before, there are certain groups of individuals would either like to gain weight or need to gain weight. Gaining weight is not about becoming fat unless you’re looking at a career as a sumo wrestler, or you’re into some weird sex fetish. No, we are talking about finding your healthy and ideal body weight. Below are three main groups that qualify as users of an appetite stimulant, in order to reach their ideal body weight.

More Curves – women are often talking about how they need to lose weight. However, there are also many who embrace the curvier look, wanting that big butt. The real goal of looking attractive is not really just to be skinny, but to have curves on parts of the body which are meant to be curved, like the butt and boobs. So, if you want to be curvy, you will have to add some extra weight and mold your body, getting those sexy curves on the right body part.

Fitter Bodies – if you want to build muscle, then it’s not enough to simply work out all day long. It’s true that resistance training will stimulate the muscles to grow and develop, but if your appetite is low and your body doesn’t get sufficient calories, it will simply switch to using muscles as an energy source. For people who experience a loss of appetite for longer periods of time, you can be building muscle successfully and increase your weight through using an appetite stimulant.

Health Conditions – some people are suffering from eating disorders, like anorexia. Not having a proper diet, with all the nutrients you need, can make the body very weak even for simple tasks such as moving your arms and legs. To start eating again and gain weight, taking some kind of appetite stimulant is a good idea.

What Weight Gain Benefits You Can Expect

The aim is to achieve the ideal body weight. Right? A state of being where you are truly satisfied with how you look, how you feel, and how your body performs. Yup, there are a lot of benefits once you achieve your ideal weight.

For instance, having the ideal weight will help you relieve a myriad of aches and pains that are related to being underweight (and also overweight). Having the ideal weight can give you increased vitality and vigor. It often thwarts depression and elevates your general mood. You will also appreciate your body better, which in turn increases your confidence when tackling different aspects of life.

Using an “appetite enhance” and reaching your ideal weight can lead to better sleep. According to studies, if you are underweight or lacking food, your brain stimulates the body to be more awake so it can “hunt” for food. It’s a basic human response to a crisis. As a result, getting the ideal weight equals to better sleep.

If you’re underweight right now, imagine having the ideal body. What sorts of activities can you enjoy without feeling tired? What kind of compliments can you get from people? What kind of achievements will come through your sheer self-confidence?

Natural Appetite Stimulants To Consider

In order for you to increase weight, you ought to increase your appetite. If your caloric intake is larger than the amount of calories you’re burning, you’ll definitely see a natural weight gain.

There are a lot of natural herbs you can use to stimulate your appetite. The known herbs for appetite stimulation are:

Most of these herbs are bitter-tasting, which is partly the reason why they are good for stimulating the appetite. Bitter herbs seem to be good at increasing saliva and stomach acid production, which in turn stimulates the appetite.

Depending on what kind of herb you’re using, the dosages may vary. For instance, 3/4 tsp of horehound on a daily basis is sufficient. For alfalfa, from 1 to 2 ml, three times a day, in tincture form. For fenugreek, 250 to 500 mg per day, taken two to three times a day.

Before using any kind of herb, make sure that you follow its instructions for the recommended dosage, to avoid potential side effects like a headache down the road.

Available Appetite Stimulant Supplements That Work

Aside from using herbs, there are appetite stimulating supplements in the market to consider. Some of them have proven to be very effective. The more popular ones are:

  • CB1 Weight Gainer.
  • Black Hole.
  • and Eatmor.

Appetite stimulating supplements work in different ways. Some may mimic the physical symptoms of hunger, while others target the hunger center of the brain. I suggest that you go for CB1 Weight Gainer as it increases your appetite as naturally as possible – using nothing but natural ingredients.

CB-1 Weight Gainer helps you increase your weight by naturally slowing down your metabolism and triggering your hunger. As a result, you will eat more and you will burn less of what you eat. The “unburnt” calories will then be stored in your body, resulting in weight gain. Furthermore, if you are using supplements like creatine, protein shakes or weight gainer shakes, you can get more out of them if you combine it with CB1 Weight Gainer.

Supragenix, who carries the CB-1 Weight Gainer, gives you detailed instructions in the package, but the recommended dosage is taking two capsules approximately one hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you think you need to slow down your weight gain, then you can reduce to taking one capsule before meals.

Your Next Action Step To Gain Weight As Soon As Possible

It’s true. Almost all focus these days revolves around losing weight. But people who are trying to gain weight to achieve the ideal body weight, also face a very real and legitimate problem.

And there are a few simple steps to solve this problem.

There are a lot of benefits of stimulating your appetite and reaching your ideal weight, like increased vitality, better mood, higher sports performance, feeling more secure, looking good, and the list goes on and on and on. What benefit do you want the most?

If you want to gain weight, you can take natural herbs or natural supplements designed to work as an appetite stimulant. Rather than using CB1, Black Hole or Eatmor, I’d instead check out what they have for you at GNC Live Well, as this is THE place where you’ll find stuff that’ll stimulate your appetite and gain that weight you want. Click the banner to get started:


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