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Top 10 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice. I Love #5 The Most!

As medical science try to create more and more ways to treat illnesses and ailments, it can be easy to forget about all those natural remedies that God created for us in the beginning of time – like the close-to-omnipotent aloe vera juice…

aloe vera juice

Sure, nature provides us with the cure for most minor ailments, but many people are unaware of them. This video answers many initial questions you might have about Aloe Vera juice, and in particular the brand Lily of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice:


Using Aloe Vera Juice For Skin Conditions

One of the greatest skin treatments to be found anywhere is all natural aloe vera juice. Still, many people are unaware of the healing properties of this wonderful product. For many centuries, people have used the extract from the aloe plant to treat a litany of skin conditions.

Rashes and hives are just two of many conditions that the Aloe Vera juice can help you treat. For instance, aloe also has natural anti-inflammatory properties so it’s ideal to treat sun burns and even acne. But wait, there is more… :)

Aloe can even be used on cuts and lacerations to decrease healing time. It can even reduce the appearance of scars. Many people consider the use of aloe a viable alternative to visiting the dermatologist when they have a minor skin condition. There have even been studies conducted that suggest aloe can prevent skin cancers such as melanoma.

You should always seek medical attention for such a serious skin condition. But, applying the juice of the aloe plant to the infected area may aid in the healing process. Unfortunately, we in the western civilization have become very dependent upon medicines and artificial chemicals. It makes us sometimes neglect to see a natural solution right before our eyes. Look at the video and bulletpoint list below to see the 10 benefits of Aloe Vera Juice:

The 10 Aloe Vera Juice Benefits:

1. Essential for our bodies building blocks

  • Aloe Vera juice restores and maintains essential amino acids
  • Promotes a more healthy brain function

2. Reduces inflammation.

  • Rich in natural Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pure Aleo Vera juice contains 12 natural substances that inhibit inflammation

3. Gives a daily dose of vitamins.

All these are found naturally in Aloe Vera Juice:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12
  • Vitmain C
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic Acid
  • Niacin

4. Rich in minerals

All these minerals are found in Aloe Vera juice:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium

5. Helps weight control

  • Helps burn additional fat
  • Helps you absorb more of the nutrition you take in

6. Aids digestion

  • Minimizes digestive troubles

7. Great for your skin

  • Cell restoring functions
  • Help heal sores, insect bites, cuts and burns
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin repair

8. Strenghtens immune system

  • Aloe Vera juice is a natural immune enhancement
  • Contains many chemicals that fight foreign particles in the body

9. Soothing away discomfort/pain

  • Anti-inflammatory pain killing components
  • Inhibits histamine response
  • Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Stimulates the body to produce more immune strengthening subtances
  • Increase T-cell count, promoting healing of skin conditions

10. Great for dental health and hygiene

  • Clean teeth
  • Eliminates cavity causing bacteria
  • Less abrasive than generic toothpaste

You don’t have to do much research to find thousands of people who can attest to the benefits of using aloe vera as a skin treatment. Yes, it’s good for treating more than just cuts, burns and rashes. Other, more serious, skin problems may also be cured by simply applying the juice of an aloe plant.

You see, the aloe vera plants contain a clear sap which has been shown to relieve a wide variety of skin conditions. One of the most common skin conditions many people face are razor bumps. This is especially true for people with ethnically dark skin. There are literally dozens of products on the market that “treat” razor bumps, but they often do little to really remedy the problem.

Aloe has been shown to reduce the irritation of shaving. It’s been real effective at eliminating razor bumps on the faces and the heads of men who have suffered with the problem for years. The plant extract gives the body the tools it needs to heal from virtually any type of skin ailment. But the list of benefits doesn’t stop there.

Aloe Vera Juice For Constipation And Other Dietary Conditions

Simply drinking Aloe Vera juice can aid in digestion and relieve a number of dietary conditions. Problems such as indigestion, sore stomach and heartburn have been reduced by drinking the all-natural juice. Aloe also helps to relieve constipation which helps the body rid itself of harmful impurities.

Because aloe promotes the growth of healthy cells, drinking it helps with problems such as ulcers. Aloe is also an antioxidant, so it may help to slow the growth of cancerous tumors, and even prevent the formation of cancer cells. It has also been shown to regulate blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system.

Drinking the juice of the aloe plant is also an excellent way to detoxify the body of harmful impurities and cleanse the colon. When impurities are allowed to remain inside the body, the digestive system continues to absorb toxins from them. This is why it’s best to remove impurities whenever possible.

Aloe Vera Juice For Weight Loss

Weight loss is another nice benefit of consuming the juice, because it increases the metabolic rate. A faster metabolism leads to the body burning more calories which can lead to the loss of unsightly body fat.

It may seem unlikely, but there are studies that suggest drinking aloe vera juice can help to regulate blood sugar within the body. This is great news for people who suffer from type II diabetes. People in the Persian Gulf have relied on dried aloe sap for centuries to regulate their blood sugar. Before the invention of medicines such as metformin, people had to rely on natural cures and aloe vera is one of the treatments they would use to regulate high blood sugar.

Though diabetes has become an epidemic in the US, it pales in comparison to the effects of heart disease. Heart complications remain the number one killer of Americans, but fortunately, drinking aloe vera juice may help to reduce even this serious risk. The American College of Angiology presented a report at its 26th annual meeting.

In the report, the organization found that five thousand patients who suffered from heart disease saw substantial benefits from consuming the all-natural juice. The benefits included lower levels of triglycerides, lipids and lower cholesterol levels. The subjects of the study also saw an increase in high-density cholesterol, which is known as the good cholesterol.

A Remedy For The Pesky Condition Oral Lichen Planus

Though drinking the juice of the aloe plant is indeed healthy, simply swishing it around in your mouth may also be beneficial. The Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology found that applying aloe to periodontal inflammation helped to speed the healing process.

The journal titled “Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine” found that aloe is a viable treatment for the pesky condition oral lichen planus. Apparently, swishing with aloe vera juice may be just as beneficial as drinking it and applying it to skin conditions.

The juice of the aloe vera plant seems to hold a litany of health benefits which is why so many people already use it daily. There may be nothing better for the human body, inside and out, than the juice of the aloe plant. Many well respected organizations have given the use and consumption of the juice their seal of approval. Also many everyday people, just like you, use aloe to sooth a number of skin issues.

There Are No Big Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Though it is all natural, you should still consult with your physician before you begin an aloe vera regimen. Though it poses little threat when used externally, there may be some risks such as diarrhea associated with drinking it. However, when taken in moderate doses, most people were able to drink the juice without issue.

A Tasty Aloe Vera Juice Recipe

Drinking aloe vera juice is indeed highly recommended for people who want to improve their overall level of health. To boost your healthy lifestyle, you can start off with this tasty aloe vera juice recipe:

Are you ready to rock it with some aloe vera juice by now?!

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