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Aloe Plant – 5 Ways To Use It. And I Love The Fourth!

Yes, the Aloe plant is a great natural remedy for various conditions:

  1. People use Aloe Vera topically as a remedy for skin conditions including burns, sunburns, frostbite, psoriasis and cold sores.
  2. Some also use aloe to help surgical wounds and bed sores heal faster.
  3. It also acts as an analgesic, helping to relieve the pain of wounds.
  4. The Aloe plant has an antipruritic effect, helping to relieve or prevent itching.
  5. Lastly, Aloe Vera is an astringent, causing contraction of body tissues, typically something will want when in need to prevent or reduce bleeding in minor abrasions.

Dry Facts About The Juicy Aloe plant…

The beloved Aloe Vera has many pet names, such as aloe, burn plant, lily of the dessert, and elephant’s gall. Its scientific name is Aloe Barbadenesis. Use of the Aloe plant can be traced back 6,000 years to early Egyptians. It was known as the “plant of immortality” where it was presented as a burial gift to deceased pharaohs.

It is a succulent plant species that is found in cultivation only. It has no stem (or can have a very short-stem), and this succulent plant can grow to be about 60-100 cm tall. The leaves of the Aloe plant are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green in color. The leaf has small white teeth.

What Are Its Nutritional Content And Value?

The sixth use of the Aloe plant, is to drink it as a juice. Aloe Vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharide and fatty acids. The Aloe plant contains also protein, calcium, magnesium, and is naturally rich in Vitamin C. Which all helps to boost your immune system, helps tone of blood vessels and promotes good blood circulation. The Aloe Vera plant is also great for the health of your adrenal gland, which for instance supports your body to combat stress.

Available Supplements Of The Aloe Plant

There are a number of dietary supplements with Aloe Vera as key-ingredient. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of Aloe Vera to support healing process and help boost immune system, as seen here by various examples from the Amazon Store:

Photo by Wenjie Qiao | Creative Commons


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