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How I Almost Killed Myself And What I Learned From It…

This is the story of how I almost killed myself

i almost killed myself

If you’re struggling with a depression and maybe having thoughts about committing suicide, than please read this post.

I can’t promise anything, but I think this just might help you out a bit, because I can relate to what you’re going through.

I’ve been there… I almost killed myself. I was a young teenager, experiencing some bad stuff that was pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Instead of talking to my parents or someone else of authority, I kept the problems to myself.

That clearly didn’t work, as it drove me to the point where I actually had a rope around my neck, standing on a chair underneath my parents second-floor porch. If it was a divine intervention or whatever, I don’t know – but I didn’t kick the chair away from my feet. I realized that ending my life like this wasn’t for me.

I Almost Killed Myself. Nearly Robbing The World Of The Uniqueness Which Is Me!

I just couldn’t take the easy way out. Committing suicide would have been unfair to do against my parents, my brothers and sisters, other people who loved me, and also unfair against myself. With what I know today, it would even be an unfair thing to do against the world, keeping it from being influenced by the uniqueness which I possess.

Because of my early teen suicide experience, you’d might think that I worked to achieve good grades, do good in sports or achieve other things of value when I was growing up. But I didn’t. I never saw the point of struggling to obtain things of value, because I didn’t really feel deserving of anything worth having. I just went on for the ride, following the flow, never to make anything real out of my potentials within.

As a grownup I got myself a job, a family and I felt content with life. I was never truly happy though, and that was a feeling which compounded over the years – all the way to the point where I couldn’t live like that anymore. Feelings of living an underachieving life got to me. Depression was creeping upon my life, and the thoughts that I had suppressed for years surfaced and made my life a living hell again.

Like it did when I was a teenager, suicide thoughts again kept popping up at random, and I knew I had to get help this time. So, I reached out to a professional counselor and started working with myself. Things became better bit by bit, and soon enough I had lifted the heavy curtain that always had been hiding the life I potentially could life.

Don’t rob the world of the uniqueness which is YOU. We all need you!”

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I Almost Killed Myself, But Here I Am – Empowered Beyond Beliefs!

Now, fast forward a few years. Today I’m living it up and enjoying life as life was meant to be lived. I am pursuing goals and dreams of high value, because I know I deserve everything life has to offer. I don’t settle for mediocrity anymore, and I know deep down in my heart that you or anyone else don’t have to either.

We all have a great deal to offer the world. We all have it in us to make a huge mark upon the world. We are empowered beyond our wildest dreams. I honestly believe that we all have the power to do great things, if we just open up and get to really know ourselves deep inside. I urge you to use the power to do good things. Our powers can just as easily be used to do bad – please choose to do good. Don’t take the easy way out, but decide to make a huge dent upon the world and get the things you deserve in life.

No matter how dark it seems right now, you can turn around. You can get the help like I did and spark the light you need right now. When you do, the darkness will surely get killed. First slowly, then faster and soon life will be brighter than the blue sky on a sunny summer day at the beaches of the world.

Fight the forces of evil and never surrender to a negative mindset. End your depression, get back to me and let me know how you did it. We just might take over the world together!

I hope the story of how I almost killed myself can help someone out there. If you can relate to this story, I want you to know this: You are unique and a priceless asset to the world! Inside you (right now), a sleeping giant waits to be awakened. We all want to watch you wake up the giant and make your mark upon the world! God bless you.

I’ve found that the very best way to change the direction of your life is to work on yourself together with an authority of some kind – find yours! Also, you will want to start right now with your recovery, so that you can begin to enjoy everything life has to offer as soon as possible – it’s more to life than what politicians and society want you to do! I did it, and I know you can too. What you should do now, is to click this red button below, and decide to get over your depression. It’s a great place to start your way back!

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