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90 Day Challenge To Improve My Bank Account, My Relationships And My Health…

Yesterday I started a 90 day challenge as an Pure Leverage blogger and I’m pumped!

Lots of companies are conducting a 90 day challenge to motivate both their reps and customers. Why? Well, I just figure the reason must be that it works…

I think 90 days are an appropriate amount of time to get measurable results no matter what you’re working on.

The 90 day challenge concept are used by the guys and gals in Visalus and Herbalife, where the goal is to get better health and wealth through shakes.

It’s also used by people in Empower Network where the goal is to live life doing what you love through blogging and online marketing. I did work with EN for a while and made some decent cash with the system. But, I’m doing a lot of blogging here at PL instead today as I feel it’s a better match for me in so many ways. But i digress, lets talk about the 90 day plan!  

Gauge Your Progress In A 90 Day Challenge

Visalus are having good results with their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. If your looking for a good 90 day fitness challenge you might want to look into that, or maybe the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Herbalife, as they’re also seeing some great success with that concept. However, what I talk about in this article is an entirely different animal. It’s a 90 day money challenge!

“Are you ready to make ten thousand dollars within 90 days?”

I was asked his question. By this point in my online career, I believe with all my heart, soul and mind that this is a real possibility.

I used to think that $10.000 a month would be cool, but that it probably wouldn’t happen to someone like me. Yeah, as much as I loved working online I never really truly believed it would happen, but that it just might could with a stroke of luck – and that tiny hope always kept me going forth with this career.

Luckily, some months ago I listened to my young friend, Tarjei Solvberg, a fellow norwegian, about an internet marketing opportunity. This became the turning point in my 2 year online business effort. I’ve learned not to expect results anytime soon, but to have faith that it will come in due time because I work with proven methods.

That’s so incredible liberating! Not expecting results, but celebrate them whenever they come is a fantastic way to free the mind and focus on working the proven methods available in the membership area. I’ve never attracted more leads and done more consistent sales then I do now. In the future I can see an income at the level where I can provide for my whole family, and then some!

Clarity Is Key In This 90 Day Challenge

When I was recently asked if I’m ready to earn 10.000 dollars a month, it was no doubt in my mind – I’m READY! A 90 day challenge can make this Christmas the best ever!

The 90 day challenge is all about clarity. Never have I seen such a clear step by step system based on proven systems. It’s designed to work for anyone – serious business people, hippies, housewives, students and retirees – and everyone in between! It’s designed to improve your bank account, your relationships and your health – three things that I consider to be vital pillars for having a good life.

My first assignment was blogging about morning rituals, which I completed yesterday, and that made me refocus and model the morning rituals of successful people. Today it’s sunday, and I really don’t have an assignment to write, but I wanted to share this new 90 day challenge with you all. It will have ready-made assignments for us every day of the week except in the weekend.

I think that’s just great, and it leaves all the guesswork out of the equation. You did know that running a business is like solving an equation? When you have all the correct factors in place, is’t all about taking action and get the result!

I don’t worry about what to write about or what to do on a day to day basis when doing this 90 day challenge! As you can tell, I’m pretty excited and I think you should be too, because I believe it’s the easiest business to start in todays marketplace!

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