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4 Ways to Fight Off Colds and Flu

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It’s now September, and we all know what that means: the start of autumn.  The sunshine is rapidly disappearing, the cold weather is setting in and flu season will soon be among us.

If you’d like to remain fit and healthy this autumn, there are a couple of steps you should take to prepare: start now to nip colds and flu in the bud!

Tip 1: Rest Up

Feeling indisposed, ill?  Don’t put strain on your immune system by having a late night.   A lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, leaving you prone to illness.

Look through your diary, is there anything you can cut out?  Avoid any activity that is to taxing on the body – such as a day’s shopping or an outing with the kids;

HOWEVER:  If you’ve got the sniffles, but feel otherwise fine, don’t use this as an excuse to avoid your daily jog!  Exercise can clear your airways and boost your immune system, helping you fight that cold!  If you feel up for it, do go for your run!

Tip 2: Make Sure You’re Getting Your Vitamins

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will keep your immune system healthy, ensure you’re topped up with important vitamins and minerals and help you fight off any nasty germs entering your body.

Vitamin C will supercharge your immune defense system, plus it will provide protection from a range of viruses and bacteria – including the common cold.

Good sources of vitamin C are citrus and kiwi fruits, berries, cauliflower, tomatoes,  potatoes, green leafy vegetables and peppers.

Make sure you’re getting your “5-A-Day”, and taking a vitamin supplement won’t hurt either.  Nature’s Best, for example, sell multivitamin tablets that you can conveniently buy online.  Why not leave a box at the office, on your desk, and take with your morning cup of tea?  Vitamins can take days, weeks even to enter the body: so start taking the supplements now for the best defense against cold and flu.

Tip 3: Keep Hydrated

Our third tip is to ensure you keep well hydrated.  Did you know that drinking fluids helps to thin mucus, helping to unclog stuffy noses?

You don’t just have to drink plain old boring water either:  teas, coffees, juices and milk are all good sources of fluids too.

Tip 4: Wash Your Hands

Cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact: think about your office building or work place – how many people are touching the handrail, the elevator button, the light switch?  *shudders*.  Germs can live for hours: so wash your hands often, using hot water and soap.  Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your desk or in your bag – this is also very effective for killing cold and flu bugs before they enter your system.

We hope our tips help you stay happy and healthy this autumn and winter!

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