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15 Easy-To-Follow Ideas for Weight Gainers

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Let’s admit. Most of us have at some point of time in our lives faced health issues related to weight gain. With a constant bombardment of in your face advertisements and shelves loaded with enticing packaged foods, we indulge in making unhealthy eating decisions way more than it is good for our body, mind, and souls.

When we realize that we have become fat and its impairing our health, we try to help ourselves through various quick fix and half-hearted solutions which more often than fail miserably. What then starts is a vicious cycle of disparaging ourselves and get in to depression.

What we have to understand is that good health needs time, devotion, patience and above everything else planning.

Today we will tell you how to plan for your good health in easy steps so that controlling your weight is not a chore any longer! Not only would you be able to win the battle of bulge but also inculcate lifelong good habits. Here are our tips.

1. Don’t deprive yourself

Eat ice cream. Eat butter. Eat chocolate chip cookies. Eat cake. Eat what you love and love what you eat but just don’t gorge on these lip-smacking treats. Enjoy them in moderation. Remember – What you eat does not make you fat. It’s how much you eat. So keep the portions small. This way, you can have your bacon and your bikini too!

2. Eat until you feel satisfied but not full

Put down your fork when you feel you have eaten just enough, but don’t feel chock-full. Don’t pick your fork back up quickly again. Fullness will take some time to settle in, so even if you don’t feel full right away, give yourself some time for the food digest This is a skill, and it takes practice, but once you get into the habit, it’s as easy as breathing and the feeling of being too full will start to feel so uncomfortable that you will avoid it at any cost. With the help of this simple but highly effective technique, you will start to realize when exactly to stop eating and not feel bloated.

3. Focus on veggies

Make sure half of your plate contains veggies. Vegetables are filled with water and fibre, so even though they are filling, they are not fattening.

4. When eating at a restaurant, order smart and small

Most people tend to over-indulge while eating at a restaurant. Next time you eat out, try making smart menu choices. Replace unhealthy sides such as French fries for steamed vegetables or healthy Mexican cuisines such as Tortillos or enchiladas. If you’re ordering pizza, ask the chef to go light on the cheese. Try skipping the breadbasket. Choose any one between drinks and dessert. Start your meal with a salad or soup as these will fill you up with low calories and leave less room for the main course. Many restaurants serve big portions, so you can ask the server for a to-go box and carry half the meal home with yourself.

5. Drink enough water

Aim for eight glasses of water a day. Stay away from aerated sugar-loaded drinks as much as you can. If plain water is not your thing, add a dash of lemon for flavor and vitamin boost.

6. Avoid dinner distractions – No TV, Laptop or I-pods while eating dinner

Stay away from the laptop and TV while eating your meals. If you do not fully pay attention to the meal you are eating, the brain does not fully register the experience and you cannot keep track of how full you are. This leaves you less satisfied and more prone to over-eating.

7. Have a small snack before going to a party

Before going to a party, have a healthy snack to curb your appetite. Maybe just a fruit or a small handful of nuts, and you’re good to go for the night.

8. Carry snacks

Temptation is at its peak when you are hungry—so always keep a fruit or nuts or snack bars in your handbag. This way, you’ll always be prepared when hunger hits.

9. Always choose whole grains and avoid the white stuff

Whole grains keep you full for longer, maintain your blood sugar levels and provide you with vitamins and minerals. White flour, on the other hand, quickly converts to sugar in your body. If you don’t burn it up, it gets stored as fat.

10. Eat breakfast

The body needs fuel to keep it going and the night is the longest gap in the re-fuelling process. This is why your blood sugar level drops down in the morning. A nutritious breakfast provides that energy to get you going, jumpstarts the metabolism and prevents you from overindulging throughout the day.

11. Be active for at least 30 minutes every day

Hitting the gym, waking up early to go for a morning run, using the staircase instead of the elevators, cycling your way to work, going for a walk after dinner – the options are endless, so take your pick. But make sure you stay active for at least 30 minutes every day.

12. Understand that exercise isn’t everything

Going to the gym does not mean you can reward yourself with a gigantic dessert later on. That will do nothing for you apart from nullifying all your efforts at the gym.

13. No eating after dinner

Calories give us energy and we don’t need energy to sleep. Stop eating three hours before you head to bed. Then, while you’re sleeping, your body is better primed to burn fat instead of creating more.

14. Don’t eat out of the bag

Pour your snack (chips nuts, trail mix) onto a plate or bowl so you can tell how much you’re consuming before you finish the whole bag.

15. Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners increase cravings and lead to bloating and fatigue. Healthier options are honey or maple syrup.

About the author: Martin Cowell  is a property expert in Mexico. When he is not buying, selling homes and condos, he loves traveling, cooking traditional Mexican cuisine and blogging.

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