Vegetarian Diet – The Natural Diet of Man?

People who are against a vegetarian diet will often claim that human anatomy is proof that people are meant to be meat-eaters.

However, does that theory really hold true? Herbivores are plant eaters only and carnivores are meat eaters only. Humans are generally thought to be omnivores, eaters of both plant based food sources and meat based food sources.

Comparing Herbivores and Carnivores

When compared side-by-side it actually becomes obvious that based on anatomy alone humans share more characteristics with herbivores than they do with either carnivores or omnivores. This supports the correct theory that humans are meant to be vegetarians.

By looking at the chart below you can see that, based on the anatomy comparisons, that humans are better suited for eating plant-based foods because we are more similar to herbivores in terms of our anatomy.

Is the vegetarian diet the natural diet of man


  • Must have been quite the scene outside the rib restaurant :)

  • I doubt that the chart is enough to convince hardcore meat eaters. A local rib restaurant used to saturate the radio with the slogan, “You need no teeth to eat my meat.” There were long lines of toothless customers willing to give it a try.