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10 Arnica Gel Side Effects You Don’t Want To Experience!

Some people are rightfully concerned about side effects, so following up on yesterdays post about Arnica, I thought it be a good idea to warn about the Arnica gel side effects. Arnica gel is a non sticky, non greasy herbal extract made from freshly collected Arnica Montana. This is a flowering plant and a genus of […]

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collagen marsmellows

Collagen Supplements For Lasting Youth and Beauty?

Collagen supplements have become a big industry because of our need to look young and beautiful. This need is common across both genders, but more so in females it seems. Over the last decades there have been numerous advancements in technology, medicines, cosmetic surgeries and supplement. Today we are presented a multitude of solutions when […]

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How to choose health supplements and vitamins

What’s Hot in Health Supplements?

Over 50% of the global population uses dietary supplements to improve the quality of their life. People want to lose weight, they want to feel energized and overcome vitamin deficiencies, and they can achieve all those goals by taking health supplements. Why are people so motivated to take pills in order to stay healthy? Why […]

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Do vitamin supplements actually work?

Do Vitamin Supplements Actually Work? Panel Suggests Answer Unclear

Over half of all Americans (53 percent) take some kind of daily herbal supplement or vitamin, according to a 2011 study conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. This marks a steady rise in the popularity of supplements during the last twenty years, as a previous study conducted by the CDC based on […]

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Spoons with vitamins and supplements

Get Your Share of Vitamins

Vitamins are divided into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins, like D, A, E and K are deposited inside the body’s fat tissues and they don’t need to be renewed frequently. They play a vital role in the body and help you stay healthy, but you’re not advised to consume them excessively. Water-soluble vitamins […]

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Older Couple

How did Calcium Falter under Scientific Scrutiny?

Increasingly more Americans are embracing the idea that health conditions can be treated with a pill, especially if we were to talk about infectious diseases that require a treatment with antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-virals. The medical dictionary is crowded with plenty of other chronic health diseases that can affect people’s health, such as osteoporosis for […]

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Finding The Best Protein Powder For You

Let’s face it, there are so many different types of protein powders and shakes out there that it can seem a bit overwhelming when you are trying to break through your plateau and reach new levels of muscle mass gaining power. How do you find the best protein powder blend for yourself? The Quest for […]

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Boost Your Immune System With Supplements

Most people think about giving their immune system a boost when cold and flu season looms. That’s a great idea, but the reality is that every season represents an excellent opportunity for building a better immune system through supplements. You might decide to increase supplement dosage as autumn draws near. However, focusing on year round […]

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Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Have you heard about green coffee bean extract yet? This supplement has been receiving increased attention in the media and academia thanks to reported weight loss benefits. In an era where it seems that almost every truly effective weight loss product seems to have problems or dangerous side effects, most individuals would certainly be interested […]

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Co-enzyme Q10 Uses, Sources and Contraindications

What Is Co-enzyme Q10? Co-enzyme Q10 is a substance produced by your body that has numerous benefits, some of which include supporting cardiovascular and brain function. In this post, we’ll take a look at the importance of this substance, some of its dietary sources, and its various uses within the human body. Co-enzyme Q10 is […]

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