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Unique Tips for Weight Loss

Unique tips for weight loss and a healthy lifestyleIf you are thinking of shedding a few pounds, don’t start by over hauling all your eating and exercising habits. There needs to be moderation. Your food should be well balanced. Plus excess of exercise is not necessary as that can make you weak, if not supported by a proper diet.

Play smart and get visible results:

  • Keep a record of what you eat for one week: Carry a small notebook wherever you go. Write down every single morsel that enters your mouth, even water. Studies have found out that people who maintain a record wind up eating 15% less than those who do not. There are also great apps for this. Search your phones app store to find one.
  • Walk for 45 minutes: Why I am recommending 45 minutes and not the typical 30? Well, a Duke University study has unearthed the fact that though walking for 30 minutes help prevent weight gain, exercising beyond 30 minutes promotes fat and weight loss.
  • See more of blue: Believe it or not, the color blue is a great anti-appetizer. Scratching your head on why this is so? That’s because blue food is a rare occurrence in nature. There are no blue vegetables, or blue meats and except the few blue berries and blue purple tomatoes, blue food can be hardly witnessed. Consequently we don’t feel any natural appetite response for blue. Thus you will rarely see any restaurants decked up in blue. So have your dinner in blue plates in a room with blue lights. Dress in blue while eating and cover your table with blue table cloth. Conversely avoid colors like red, orange and yellow in your dining rooms as they encourage eating.
  • Divide your meals into smaller parts: This is a usual step often prescribed by the home care service providers taking care for the elderly people. You need to disperse your 3 large meals into small parts of 5 or 6 meals. Some studies have shown that even if you intake the same amount of calories in this way, your body releases less insulin that keeps blood sugar steady and helps controlling hunger.
  • Clear your closet of the ‘fat’ clothes: Once you reach your target weight, through away all the ‘fat’ clothes. The thought of buying new set of clothes altogether if your gain weight again will act as a great check for gaining weight.
  • Include a vegetable platter in your diet: Don’t forget a vegetable platter. A study in Pennsylvania State University has found that water rich foods like cucumbers and tomatoes during meals reduce the overall calorie consumption. Soup will also be great.
  • Eat one cookie less in a day: Consume one less can of regular soda, one cookie less, few bites less from the hamburger. Doing any of these saves 100 calories per day, and that alone is able to prevent a weight gain of 1.8 to 2 pounds.
  • Consume coffee: Weight loss and a cup of healthy coffee are associated terms. Coffee stimulates metabolism by increasing the rate of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis burns calories to produce heat and energy. Caffeine is also believed to suppress appetite. Drink a cup of coffee with breakfast as a morning energy drink. Flavor it with calorie-free sweetener or skim milk. Skip the sugar or the cream that can add 100 calories with a spoonful. Have a cup of coffee before exercising.

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  • Fiona Maclean

    I really believe that the key to sustained weightloss is finding something that fits with your lifestyle. So, yes, these are all great tips for me because they could easily work – and keep working!

  • stevie

    gerwat great, smart tips. every single one works