Raising Healthy Children

Children playing outside on the monkey bars

In today’s culture, it is very easy for parents to lose track of what kind of foods and things are being put into their children’s bodies and minds. This becomes a problem when kids begin eating very unhealthy foods or taking on lazy habits, such as video games and hours of television watching. There are some vital things to remember in order to effectively raise a generation of healthy children.

Less Video Games and TV

Kids spend more than enough time on Facebook, watching mindless television, and playing all sorts of video games. This free time could be used so much more effectively. Unfortunately, many parents do not know what to have their kids do instead. It is actually pretty simple: make them play outside. Outdoor activities are a great way to keep children active and healthy. They can do all kinds of things, like sports, hiking, fishing, and much more. The extra time in the sun is great for their growing minds and bodies as well.

During the colder months, have the children sign up for some sort of extracurricular activity such as Boy or Girl Scouts, indoor sports, or even a book club. Any time spent away from the television and computer is time well spent. Children need as much interaction and stimulation as possible to be fully healthy.

Healthy Food for Kids

Another problem children face nowadays is unhealthy eating. Though this is not always their fault, parents should do everything they can to change these poor eating habits. Instead of going to McDonald’s on the way home from school, wait a few extra minutes to make it home and then cook something homemade and nutritious for them.

This helps kids see that even healthy foods can taste good and that they do not need to be eating out all the time. In fact, try to keep trips to the fast food restaurant to a maximum of once a week, if that. The foods served at these kinds of places might taste good, but they are full of fats, salts, and sugars, and only do harm to the body.

Making sure their kids are healthy should be on the top of the priority list for all parents. This challenge may seem pretty tough at first, especially in a world full of carbs, fats, and junk food. However, with enough control and willpower, any parent can successfully raise healthy children.

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  • Unfortunately, one thing that is strongly missing from the public schools in my area are gym and after school sports. Gym classes have been cut from a lot of schools, and often in urban areas kids don’t get involved in after school sport’s teams unless parents are able to pay for private lessons…such a shame!

  • I think it’s the same in North America. I don’t have kids but from what I hear from my friends and family it’s a couch and TV generation.

  • agreed. it’s not easy these days.. not that it ever was easy.. just different paradigms.,

  • It’s amazing how little exercise kids today seem to get. Maybe it’s different in the USA, but over here there really is a couch kid culture