pure leverage faq

Pure Leverage Frequently Asked Questions

pure leverage faq


1. Is the system designed for network marketing or for affiliate marketing?

The answer is that the strategies you will learn inside the membership area are applicable to all kinds of business and marketing platforms. The fact is that the system is designed to help anyone and any company with THE MAIN ISSUE that ALL business owners face, and that is… to get traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

2. Can you tell me about the kinds of marketing training will I learn with the system? Is it only traffic generation or more advanced marketing techniques as well?

Within the Pure Leverage system, you’ll get training on current and effective traffic generation and receive daily tasks in order to succeed. You’ll also get the personal development that everyone need to succeed – and yes, you’ll also get the most advanced marketing techniques to grow your business beyond beliefs.

A key point about the program is to relieve business owners from all the technical aspects of their businesses – and enable them to focus their effort into money making activities.

You will learn that the money is not in the technical “busy work” that most online marketers get trapped in, but in the simple daily marketing tasks you’ll do every day. When you compound these daily tasks over time, you’ll have a sustainable business earning a residual income.

This is the most important aspect of the program, at least in my opinion. I think this is why so many people are able to earn as much as they do here, regardless of their previous background.

3. Is the system designed for just online marketers or can also offline marketers benefit from it?

Who made you believe that offline and online marketers are all that different? I really think they aren’t. You see, it’s all marketing!

When you simplify everything, you will see that the best tasks and philosophies to increase your business traffic and stimulate that traffic to convert into sales, are the best tasks and philosophies no matter if you’re working offline or online in your business.

Honestly, a major reason to why offline business owners have a hard time making progress is because they don’t focus on the things that actually increase traffic and the things that trigger people to buy. It seems like the larger part of offline marketers spend most of their time on non-duplicable tasks. This way of business will get you nowhere.

Within the membership area of Pure Leverage, offline marketers will get all the training on how to get traffic and sales, without losing the touch with people. No, you will not lose contact with people, as this seems to be a big worry among offline marketers. Actually, I know you’ll increase your network many times over – just as I have!

4. I’m a baby boomer, not technical at all and on a low budget. I have not worked in years… Is this system for me?

Joel Therien developed the system with the newbie in mind – but it’s also a system for already established business owners looking to enhance their profits. All the marketing strategies are applicable for anybody – regardless of age, former experience, income level or technical knowhow.

It’s a fact that even the most inexperienced business owner can do the tasks and master the skills taught within the system. We’ve got people that came from nowhere, that now earn thousands of dollars in Pure Leverage. Even the biggest technological illiterate will be able to do this system.

Heck, people report back that the different modules alone are worth the entire system in themselves – and that the system have revealed a world of opportunities they never knew existed before.

If you’re not in a position to dive into this with an already established business or previous experience, you simply start out using the Start Here guide in the basic membership area. This is the foundation for everything we do at Pure Leverage, and it can be performed with ease by anyone. It will prepare you for more advanced tasks further down the road.

5. I’m a teen, but really want to earn money in my own business. Can I still use the system regardless of my young age?

The system has a strict limit that says you need to be 18 years old to use it. I believe it depends of the individual, but to run a successful business you need a certain level of maturity and a high work ethic – things many teens today seems to lack.

If you are 18 and determined to make your life as successful as possible, than I think this is it. I’d almost kill for something like this when I was 18! It will set you up with the personal growth required to succeed in the world – on many levels beyond just business. This alone will make the system worthwhile for any young adult.

As I said, when I look back at my young adulthood, I know that the lack of personal development and a clear direction is the reason why I didn’t get any early success in my life.

I believe that Pure Leverage will guide a lot of young adults in years to come, helping them to avoid most of the unnecessary struggle that so many of us in the “early information age generation” had to go through.

6. Do I have to own a business or can I make money with Pure Leverage without having my own products to sell?

Both. You can market and sell whatever you want with Pure Leverage. It’s all up to you. The system in itself is set up to make you 100% commission on sales you make of the system. You actually never have to sell a single lead on the idea to buy it – the system will do that for you.

If you have a business you can either promote it on the front end, or on the back end to the leads that already have opted in to your list. Because of this it is one of the most profitable business systems ever created – offline and online.

Pure Leverage will let you improve any business, but if you don’t have one it will still let you scale your efforts over time, allowing you to earn a lot more than a full time income on a part time basis – WITHOUT having your own products!

7. I’m a local business owner. Is the system still a good idea to grow my local business?

Yes, it’s indeed a good idea to start using the marketing strategies at Pure Leverage to grow your local business. It’s a simple trick to it; make sure you’re promoting your products to your local target market. With a Pure Leverage blog you will have no better option in the marketplace to do exactly that.

8. How often do I have to work the system and for how long must I work it?

If you want success, you must put in the needed effort. However, people usually have full time jobs and full time lives to live – making it difficult to work a business from the ground up.

But with the strategies at Pure Leverage, you will be able to earn a full time living from a few hours of work per day.

Some are even only using one hour a day and succeed with the system. How fast you’re conducting your tasks will improve over time, but the important thing is to actually DO the daily task you’re taught in the Start Here training once you join.

9. I am a bit anxious about using my credit card information to order stuff online. Is it truly safe?

To me it’s weird how some people are still not accustomed to do their shopping online, but I remember back when I made my first online purchases that I also had some concerns. Back in the day, online shopping did not have the security attached to it as it does today – but these days it’s in fact among the most secure forms of paying for products and services.

Your information is safe during the whole transaction, and that is not the case with any other payment methods. It’s just the merchant bank that will have access to your information through the secure online form we use. You need not worry.

I’ve purchased a lot online over the past few years and I’ve never come across any security issues. I don’t know anyone else that have experienced problems either. It’s definitely one of the safest ways of paying.

10. What is a Pure Leverage blog and how will it help my business?

A blog is a place to put content like text, images and video. This is a great way to let other people get to know you, your products and your business.

The blog is the basis for everything that happen at Pure Leverage. It’s the reason why some of us are able to earn thousands of dollars every week.

A blog is like a storefront window placed in front of the whole world to see it. When you have an optimized blog like the one at Pure Leverage, you’ll be in the best position possible to attract qualified customers and business partners.

This allows anyone to come from nowhere and earn more money then they ever did in a normal full time job.

11. What if I’m not living in an english speaking country? Does is still work?

This is an international business platform. You can market in any language you want, to whatever market you want.

Many people are marketing their business in more than one language on the blog – making them able to sell in different countries and build business teams all over the world.

12. Who is the founder Joel Therien?

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