Higher income, better fitness, closer relationships and funnier adventures is exactly what I want you to get from reading this blog.

I truly believe that when you know what factors are needed to generate a certain result, the only thing you need…

…is to make the choice to go for it and not stop until you get there!

This is the essence of what I will share with you on here. I will let you in on my life and let you watch what I do, how I do it and what results I get from doing the things I do.

But this is not about me. It is about you. It's about the value I can pass on to you, so that you also can go from where you are at now…

…to where you wanna be. In business. In fitness. In relationships. In lifestyle.

You see, I've quit most of the businesses that I've been doing the last five years, and will outsource those I feel like keeping.

Reason is, I am tired of technical mumbo jumbo and time consuming boring tasks…

…and instead of continuing something that I don't love, I've decided to start this blog and work solely with things I am truly passionate about..

…like self development, fitness and home based businesses.

The timing couldn't be better to do this, because I've been so lucky to stumble upon a PRE-launch for a new company called Jeunesse, and many authorities in the home based business community think this will be the next big thing. I've created a blog for a norwegian woman working with Jeunesse, check her out at Miss Monique.

I agree, I very well think it will be the next BIG thing (kinda already getting there), and I think you will too when you click here to check Jeunesse out in detail.

Anyway, through videos, podcasts and articles I dream of to taking you with me on adventures, maybe on exciting explorations throughout the world like Indiana Jones! Yeah, I'd love to do more insane getaways to exotic and luxurious places all over the world.

Aside from that, you can also be right there with me as I teach about strategies or methods for getting the fitness of a superhero (no joke), as well as generating the income of a CEO.

All in all, my blogs are about the key aspects that provide a more meaningful and happy life – the assets needed for generating online income, the kind of fitness needed for enabling peak performance, the type of relationships needed for feeling and giving love, and the adventures needed for having purpose.

By now, you should have a good idea about what my blogs are about. I can't wait to share more on the cool fitness thing I am doing these days, so stay tuned for that. Oh, and don't forget to check out what Jeunesse homebased business is all about. Remember, failures and successes are both coming as the result of your mindset. Jeunesse can be the vehicle to help turn you into a success story!